My words and my pictures. All I have


Celebrating life

I’m happy today. For no particular reason, I just had a good week, I got a lot of things done, my crocuses have leaves and my tulips are becoming real plants…there’s lots of good stuff going on. And there’s that feeling that something else has fallen into place in my life – I love that feeling.

Winter’s about to begin, and life is beautiful. Enjoy!


Beauty by any other name…

Yay! Short week and long weekend for me!

It’s been real hard this week to stay focused on the good. I’m tired, teachers are insane, and I’m not a huge fan of winter’s browns. But then, I wake up and Nature has a beautiful gift for me to delight in and take pictures of, and I realize how lovely it is to live in a small city, I get my college stuff done and feel accomplished…

Mostly, it was the pictures I took this morning. Which reminded me of why I fell in love with photography; it can change a whole month of craziness in just a few minutes. So tonight, I go to bed a happy person. And for the first time in my entire life, I know for sure that happiness is there for my taking whenever I want.

Tomorrow I’ll edit the pictures that made me so happy today and post them, and for now I leave you with some of my project shots. Enjoy, and be happy!


Beauty, happiness and photography

Remember what I said yesterday about finding another way to do what I have to? Well, I’ve already found a much better way, one that I’ll enjoy a lot more and will be much more fruitful. The universe wanted things to be this way, for some reason that I’m sure I’ll understand soon enough. I just wish the unkind, resentful person who closed the door on my face good luck with her life. I don’t even want to imagine what it must be like to live so full of anger and misery. But maybe she came to this life to learn a lesson, and that’s for her to figure out.

After this long-winded metaphysical rant, I’ll get on with the pictures. More flowers and shots from the same sunset. I’m stunned by the quality of the bokeh in some of the flower shots. My little point-and-shot is wonderful :).

I’m sooo happy today that it makes up for a weekful of bad days :). Thanks everyone who cheered me up yesterday! Your kind words helped me feel better faster.


Purple and pink

Today was one of those inevitable days in the life of any human being where you came face to face with the pettiness and meanness that only humans are capable of. I thank my deities and the universe that I am the person I am, and have developed the ability to take this kind of thing in stride, see the beauty in the world, and pity the people who are so full of the need to hurt others that they miss the best things life has to offer. I’ll find another way to do what I have to do, and I will succeed at it because I believe in myself and I put my heart into what I do. But they, if they remain the way they are, will never know the kind of happiness I experience every day.

To cheer myself up, I’ll post a lot of color. The topic for this week on my 52 Weeks group on Flickr was Purple or Pink, hence the pictures and the title of the post. I love my rose moss, it’s such a colorful, lovely little thing. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of it, and I’ll post the best of them eventually. The sunset shots were taken at Arroyo Pareja, yet another beautiful beach I live close to. I love the wide expanse of shore, and I’ll definitely be visiting again.

Since no one complained about different versions of the same shot, I’ve done it again. As usual, all textures were downloaded from Shadowhouse Creations. Enjoy!


Chrysanthemums + african daisies + odds and ends

Quick, short and sweet post today. I have to teach a class next week as part of my residency, and write a paper for another subject, so I’m hectically busy. But I really love planning classes, choosing texts, activities, and wondering how it will all clash and merge with the added input of my fellow classmates who in this case are also the students I will be teaching. It’s so much fun, and we’re such a great group.

We had a wonderful class today where we sat on the floor, closed our eyes and listened to one of the girls tell us a story, or rather, act it out. It felt amazing, and then we discussed ways to teach literature to children and young teenagers, and how to teach other teachers to teach it. The general conclusion was that Shrek rocks. And he does, big time. I love Fiona :).

These are some shots that I took last week; now that I’m done with Saturday sunset shots I’m finally getting to edit and post them. All textures downloaded from Shadowhouse Creations, as usual. I posted different post-processing versions of a couple of shots again, because I’m terribly indecisive and can never pick which one I like best. Do tell me if repetition is boring, I’ll force myself to make up my mind.

I’m feeling rather dead beat, and my eyelids are dropping as I write, but at the same time I’m bursting with energy and enthusiasm. The universe should reward the few wonderful teachers I encountered during my college years for creating such rich learning environments and guiding us to become critical and creative teachers.