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Retro sunset

Hello there! I’m still alive! I’m just having my yearly Austen obsession, so I’m buried in books, movies and tv series. Winter, chocolate, gummies and Austen. It doesn’t get much better.

Then again, I have to teach this class on Friday, and I just can’t wait for Saturday to come. Teaching a class while a teacher is judging you (and our teachers do judge us) is no fun. Also, while I’m teaching the class my niece will be born (there’s something very weird about c-sections and the whole programmed thing. Since when do we know when babies will be born?) and my sister (she’s my father’s goddaughter, but who cares about technicalities) will undergo surgery, so yeah, I’ve got lots of things on my mind these days. Where on earth is July when you need it?


Crazy creativity

I was bored. I don’t know if you’ve ever been warned, but creative, crazy things tend to happen when I’m bored. And since I was bored and had a WIFI connection available (I always have the connection, but I’m not always bored), I decided to put my googling skills to good use.

I’ve been looking for cool ways to simulate the Hipstamatic iPhone app without much success, until last night. I came across two really great PS actions, the Hipstamatic mini set and the Hipstamatic revolution. The second one is really awesome, and proves my theory that you can do anything with PS if you know how to (or someone who knows how to is kind enough to share for free). And then I found a little program to turn images into Polaroids.

By the way, I keep forgetting to celebrate my 100 posts on Artismysanity (which are by now 107). Kudos to me for the work I’ve put into the blog, and thanks to all of you for being such an important part of it!