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Genuine Blogger Award

A couple of days ago I was given the Genuine Blogger Award by the wonderful mother of Stella Rae, the sweetest dog in the world. You can meet them both at Just Ramblin’ Pier.

It means a lot to me when I get these awards, since this blog is such an important part of my life. I keep smiling and hoping and working hard because I get to go out with my camera and then share the pictures I take with you all, and because you keep coming back and telling me that you enjoy my work.

So thanks for your visits, comments, likes, and encouraging words. This award has no rules, so I’ve decided to pass it on to the people whose blogs make me smile and delight daily. This doesn’t mean everyone else can’t grab it and consider it theirs, you know I believe we’re all great at what we love. But if I say I give it to all my readers, no one considers themselves awarded, so here’s the list (and check out these blogs if you haven’t already!).

Gossamer Dreams – by Dhaami

Sumpix – by Kieran Hamilton

Life in the Bogs – by Robin

Astra Wally’s blog

365 Days by Samantha Goode

Just Ramblin’ Pier

In Other Words – by Little Miss Homo Sapien

Thanks again, and enjoy your awards!