My words and my pictures. All I have


The letter “A” and a couple of lists

I’ve been taking pictures every day for the past few days, something I hadn’t done in months. It feels good to remember why I love photography so much, to be out in the yard and notice a blossom or a ray of sunlight or an array of drops on a leaf. I also decided to start a 52 weeks project this year in Flickr (I started last year but gave up around June), hoping that now that I have my D90 I’ll be able to come up with subjects even during the bleak winter months. First theme was “The letter A”, and after some brainstorming I remembered my stone collection, which features two amethysts and an ametrine. The ametrine is polished, so it won the contest and here’s the shot, along with a couple others that I like.

After reading Naomi’s “I did” post at Poetic Aperture, I decided to do my own lists, one for my 2011 achievements, and another one for my 2012 goals. I enjoyed the process, it helped me realized that in spite of everything that happened last year (or maybe because of it) I grew a lot in the last twelve months.

2011 Achievements

– Found my passion in life

– Started enjoying college again

– Taught a class for 3 ½ months and enjoyed it

– Started a blog and kept blogging all year

– Kept my 2011 resolutions until about June (and took up where I left off for the last few months of 2011)

– Started therapy

– Worked on improving my temper

– Saved up for a macro lens (almost there, yay!)

– Adopted a stray kitty

– Started socializing more (meet me, the hermit)

– Improved my photography

– Resolved to start being more positive

2012 Goals

– Be more positive

– Enjoy life

– Take lots of pictures

– Be constantly creative – it makes me feel better than anything else

– Continue improving myself

– Make an effort to meet new people

– Complain less, do more

– Go on vacation alone (if and when I have the $$$)

– Have more energy

– Learn about how to improve my health

– Practice patience


Autumnal beauty

Today I finally took the time to hang the pictures I printed last week. I simply hung a line across my bedroom and clipped the pictures to it (no money for frames when you’re a student!). I could stare at them all day, not because they’re the best photographs in the world, but because they show all the beauty I’ve been able to capture and create in the past four months. I’m eager to keep learning and improving!

It was a good decision to hang them today, it cheered me up a lot. I have a cold and I’m feeling under the weather, with chills and a runny nose and an appetite for soup only. I’m one of those people who hate feeling sick; luckily I don’t have the tendency to take it out on my family, I just feel bad about all the things I can’t do because I feel depleted.

I hadn’t taken any pictures for two days straight (barely mustered the energy to take myself to college), until something happened this afternoon. My ninety-two-year-old neighbor fell from her bed and couldn’t get back up, and when we went to see if she was alright she complained about still being alive since all she has is an ill health. Then I saw the fading dahlias in her garden, and I decided I’ll undertake a photographic project – I’ll start shooting as many fading flowers as I come across.

My favorite writer is eighty-one, and she’s still writing the most amazing and thought-provoking books. Sadly, my neighbor belongs to an era when women were supposed to be housewives and mothers only, and now that she’s a childless widow, she feels her life is empty. My eighty-seven-year-old grandma belongs to the same era, but luckily she’s got a completely different take on life. She’s always cheerful, and she keeps herself entertained watching tennis matches on the TV. Now that she can’t play anymore, she can at least watch others play.

No one, absolutely no one, should feel their life is useless because they’re not young and healthy anymore. I’ve made up my mind to look for a different beauty in nature, one that is not young and blossoming, but is beauty all the same. I couldn’t have chosen a better time to start this project, since autumn is the season of passing, the season where young spring beauty has grown old and is about to die – to be reborn next spring.

Today I’m posting some autumn shots that I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks, and as soon as I can I’ll start editing some of the fading flower shots I’ve already taken. Anyone has an idea for a title for this project?


Random bits of color

Today was a superb, great and wonderful day (please feel free to add any other adjectives you can think of). I’ve been nervous and jumpy for a couple of days, but now I know I shouldn’t have bothered. The class was SWELL. Everyone seemed interested, they discussed among themselves like I asked them to, they participated in the general discussion, and all the key points I had expected would come up did come up. I think I made a great choice of materials, above all.

The best part was when my classmates, who are studying to become literature teachers just like me, said they enjoyed the class and that the topic I chose was a very good one. We discussed the different definitions of literature that circulated in the last century based on a few short texts belonging to different genres and a handful of definitions from theorists. The hardest part was getting all the material together, the class flowed by itself. And people from History and Philosophy (it’s a class for future college teachers shared by all three careers) enjoyed it just as well, so I couldn’t be happier.

This was my trial by fire. If I enjoyed this, teaching was my calling in life. And boy did I enjoy it. I’m bursting with energy and I want to teach, teach, teach every day. In a little while I’ll start my residency in a secondary school, at first observing the classes and then teaching some myself. I’ve been told the school my teachers chose for me (they choose where we do our residencies according to where we live, bus lines, and so) is a very good one, so that’s another reason to be happy about.

These are some random shots from last week and this week. I felt they worked well together, and they’re just as colorful as I feel today. Enjoy!

And here is the wild beast, aka Robin. I’ve been trying to get a good shot of him for weeks, but he refuses to stay still for longer than a few seconds, and my camera has issues with moving subjects. But he’s taken to following me around when I shoot close to our home, so I could finally snap this one. He’s a miniature panther, but he’s so sweet, chasing his mommy around all the time :).


Autumnal equinox


Happy equinox! In my hemisphere autumn has arrived, with cooler days, golden light and soon yellow leaves.

These are a few shots that I took last year; they may not be my best, but they fit the theme and I don’t have any autumn pictures from this year yet. I played with them a little bit in Photoshop, and I quite like the dreamy look.

To all the people who are welcoming spring, enjoy! And please post lots of pics so I won’t miss the warm weather and the flowers so much!


Time of passing

One of the things I love most about nature is its wisdom, and how relatable it is. I can walk out my door any day, any time of day, and find something out there that will reflect exactly what I’m feeling, or will teach me the exact lesson I need to learn.

My college semester started today, and what I regret most is that I’ll be locked up in a classroom a lot of hours a week. I suffocate in there sometimes, and I just can’t wait to graduate and be done with college. I enjoyed it for a while, but I’m ready to move on.

For once, these flowers don’t reflect how I’m feeling myself, but a sensation I have about the world around me – the passing of summer, the ending of a phase of my life. Death is part of life; this rose has faded but new ones will blossom soon. In the same way, human beings are phoenixes: we die and are reborn from our ashes; we shed our skin like snakes.

I’ll be more than happy to embrace this new life, the real me. I’ve finally found my axis, my center of calm and joy, and I’ve never been more at peace with the world. Come what may, I know who I am and where I want to go.