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Morning walk


I have so many photos to edit I don’t even know where to start. While I figure out which way to go next, these are from my vacation last summer, the one sunrise I shot that time. This time there were more days that weren’t completely overcast, so there will be more sunrise posts from this place. Until next time!


23 thoughts on “Morning walk

  1. I live just a few miles from Miami Beach and have not done this for decades. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I’ve been to this place for a few days the past couple of summers, and every day I was there I set my alarm clock early to catch the sunrise. I hate getting up early, but it’s worth it. Besides, I went back to bed when it was over :).

  2. Still working on last Summer? My, my, my, I can’t stand the wait, at least I can enjoy these beauties for the time being.

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  4. These are gorgeous, Belen. I am in love with the first image in particular. Wonderful!! 🙂

  5. These are stunning! I agree, the first image is especially beautiful with lovely composition.

  6. These shots are breathtaking! The first one in particular is stunning!

  7. Wow, great colours and your whole page seems to glow with those golden sunsets, really nice!

  8. Beautiful compositions . Took me to a nice place

  9. Lovely shots. I also like the first one best.

  10. second one works best for me, love the sun. We have snow.

  11. Incredible beautiful photos. Colors are so great.

  12. Great images! A little warmer there than where I am at the moment! 🙂

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