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Beauty, happiness and photography


Remember what I said yesterday about finding another way to do what I have to? Well, I’ve already found a much better way, one that I’ll enjoy a lot more and will be much more fruitful. The universe wanted things to be this way, for some reason that I’m sure I’ll understand soon enough. I just wish the unkind, resentful person who closed the door on my face good luck with her life. I don’t even want to imagine what it must be like to live so full of anger and misery. But maybe she came to this life to learn a lesson, and that’s for her to figure out.

After this long-winded metaphysical rant, I’ll get on with the pictures. More flowers and shots from the same sunset. I’m stunned by the quality of the bokeh in some of the flower shots. My little point-and-shot is wonderful :).

I’m sooo happy today that it makes up for a weekful of bad days :). Thanks everyone who cheered me up yesterday! Your kind words helped me feel better faster.


29 thoughts on “Beauty, happiness and photography

  1. Gorgeous! Love the half-light on the last flower picture and the sunset silhouette. Hope next week is better.

    • Thanks! That’s the sweetest spot in my garden for flower photography, and that’s my father standing on the rocks.
      This week wasn’t so bad, there were just a couple of bumps on my road, but I’m sure next week will be amazing.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. gorgeous as always! I especially love the water droplets on the pink flowers. You are proof of the adage that the person behind the lens is the one who makes magic not the camera. Great work! Also, glad you are feeling better today 🙂

  3. Beautiful flower photos and the last sunset is really great. Looks like a good photo day for you!

    • Thanks! It was a strange day, at times overcast and at times clearing. In the end, it made for a beautiful sunset and I had lots of fun shooting it. I’m glad you like the results :).

  4. The sunset images are just fabulous!
    Great work!

  5. Glad to know you are feeling better and hope that next week is even better. The first shot of the second flower shot is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are amazing, sharp and soft at the same time.

  6. Beautiful…I really like the first lavendar colored one with the water drops on over it!

  7. Good to know you feel good again and such wonderful images yet again. I especially like the first and the last images. I wonder at the person staring out across the seas towards the heavens.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • That’s my Dad! He had no idea I had the camera out already :). We were both stunned by the beauty of this beach we visit so little, and have decided we’ll have to go back.
      I love the first shot, the flower looks like a little sun, doesn’t it?

  8. Great pics as always! the textures on the first sunset are amazing, and the flowers are beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks, Kieran! I was so happy the tide was low when I got there; the sand was shaped by the waves and covered in small rocks and puddles, so it made for wonderful angle shots and colorful reflections. Nature is amazing!

  9. Excellent shots but that second to last should be in a travel magazine..:-))

  10. Great job on the flowers. Lovely colors I’m sure they will cheer up everyone who sees them.

  11. Happy to hear that you are feeling OK now. Your flower shots are really beautiful as are the sunset ones. I love the cloud formations.

    The silhouette of the man watching is wonderful, he obviously shares your passion for beautiful things.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    • Glad you like my flowers. They bring me lots of happiness everyday :).
      Yep, my Dad loves the sea as much as I do. He loves to sail in it, and I love to photograph it. We go to the beach and to the harbor together whenever I shoot my sunsets.
      Thanks for your good wishes, and have a great weekend, too!

  12. Ok, this is going to sound like a strange comment, but the flowers in these photos look appetizing 🙂 So crisp, so vibrant and then the dew just caps it off. The sunsets are just as stunning.

    • My cat agrees with you wholeheartedly; we’re always chasing him away from the flowers he tries to eat :).
      I’m glad you like my pictures, and thanks for dropping by! Your photography is very beautiful.

  13. What a beautiful collection of sunset and flower photos you have! It is amazing that these gifts are available to all of us every day. You’ve beautifully captured those gifts in images that others can enjoy after the sunset or the flower fades. Thank you!

    • Thank you! I’m always happy when someone enjoys my pictures :). Photography has changed my life in a wonderful way; now I stop at least once a day to notice something beautiful around me, all things that may have gone unnoticed before. Sharing all those beautiful bits of nature is the next best thing to photographing them.
      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

  14. Beautiful flowers! It’s funny I was dealing with some small hiccups last week as well. Yeah, it’s usually people that are lacking in certain way cause issues. Once you understand that, you feel blessed and move on.

    As one friend said, people come to our lives to teach us a lesson, including the ones that you’d rather not have. 🙂

    • Absolutely. I try to learn something from every situation I go through, and not take anything personal, because generally it isn’t. People just go around spreading what they live – be it joy and beauty or anger and resentment.

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