My words and my pictures. All I have


Little baubles of light

It feels good to be back. I’ve been away for two months, running around, working on my dissertation, and sorting out some personal stuff. I had to take a vacation from blogging because it was starting to feel like a chore instead of something that I enjoyed.

I went through two hard drives in the meantime, one broke down from old age and use, and the one I replaced it with was apparently faulty and broke down after a couple of weeks. Luckily the losses were minor, but the first time around the people that salvaged all my info failed to restore a couple folders, among which were my most recently edited photos (which I hadn’t backed up). I thought these were gone for good, until my second hard drive died and they restored the original back up fully, including these. Imagine my happiness :).

So here we are, my photos and me. I have lots of archived photos from last summer that I want to edit, so I think I’ll be back again soon. Hope you enjoy these :).

DSC_7305 DSC_7299 DSC_7369 DSC_7300 DSC_7302 DSC_7383 DSC_72861 DSC_7306 DSC_7338 DSC_72852 DSC_7392


Purple flowers in the morning light

Summer meets fall. Is there a name for that time in between seasons? Whatever it’s called, it’s here, and it’s time to get the warmer clothes out and see what chances for photography this time of the year offers.

Going back in time a little… I took these photos almost two months ago (seriously? where did the summer go?), and I didn’t have the time to edit them until now. I guess it’s flower photography season for me :). Enjoy!


Flowery bokeh

This week’s topic for my 52 Weeks Group on Flickr was “Bokeh”. The first time I read it, weeks ago, I thought I was going to have to skip week 16, since getting bokeh in your shots with a point-and-shoot was impossible for me back then.

Later, practicing with the garden plants and trying different spots to find the best lighting, I discovered there’s a sweet spot in my front yard where the flame vine filters sunlight and creates a lovely bokeh. It’s not the best quality, and I’m definitely getting a Nikkor 50mm F1.4 lens with my DSLR, but me and my little point-and-shoot did this!

I love these little flowers, and they feature in some of my favorite shots. Hope you like these, too :).