My words and my pictures. All I have


Almond flowers

Happy spring and autumn, everyone! I’m so glad spring’s officially here. I think it automatically takes away my sadness and every bad feeling and puts a smile on my face.

I’ve decided to go for a morning walk now that the days are warmer. There’s a path that runs parallel to one of the main streets in my city. It’s a beautiful place to walk, separated from the city by tall, green trees that make it feel like a wholly different city hidden in plain sight, a quiet place away from the cars, the fumes, the shoppers. I love starting the day on an energy surge, and I had no idea we use so many muscles when we walk. By the time I came home today all the soreness in my back was gone, and I hadn’t felt that relaxed in months.

These are some shots of the lovely almond tree that grows around the corner from my house. This tree and I have a history, it’s very special to me and when it blooms (some years it does and some years it doesn’t) I stand under it and I feel very peaceful. Hope you enjoy the photos!


Overcast sunset

I jumped out of bed bright and early on Saturday (well, as bright and early as I ever will, at 9 am.) I’ve been struggling to reorganize my day since the winter holidays, and up until this weekend I found it so hard. Getting up early reminded me of why I love being up at nine, the special energy in the air, the light, the birds chirping. I missed it.

I’m afraid I’ve got bad news to share in this post. My mother’s biopsy didn’t turn out quite as we expected. One of the nodules in one of her breasts wasn’t good. We don’t know what this means, yet, since she’s had it for many years but only this year it started growing. It’s very probable that the doctors detected it and removed it on time, but we won’t know until further exams are done, including a CT scan and another surgery. My Mom and Dad are really depressed these days, and I’ve no idea what to do other than be here. I’m not sad, though. I have hope and faith that the exam results will show the worst was removed in the first surgery and she’s now doing ok.

Immersing myself in photography is my way of staying in touch with the good things that happen in the world every day. I finally found a chance to shoot a sunset again, after who knows how many months. It was specially beautiful, as if Nature was welcoming me back.

Thanks for being part of this blog that is so special to me. I love coming here. This is the second part of the shooting from this particular day (you can find the first shots on Golden ripples). Hope you like them!


Crocuses in the sunset light

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately, and I’m happy about that. I really missed being out with my camera. I haven’t had a chance to go down to the beach to capture a sunset yet (stuff always seems to be getting on the way), but I don’t give up hope that it’ll happen soon.

Mostly I’ve been shooting the bulbs I planted this autumn, which have now turned into budding plants with lovely flowers. The crocuses aren’t flowering anymore, but I still had some shots that I hadn’t had time to go through. The tulips are blooming just now, and I’m thrilled. They’ve been my favorite flowers since I first saw one, in pictures. They’re not very common here, so growing tulips in my garden is an adventure for me.

I’ve also learnt a lesson from my bulbs, one that may seem obvious but comes at the best time possible to help me heal: bulbs may look ugly and not promising when you plant them under the soil, but eventually they become the loveliest flowers in the world. So even when the things that happen around us seem unnecessarily painful and ugly, I want to believe they’ll eventually evolve into something beautiful.

I hope you like these! There are more photos to come from my lovely plants!


Spring’s on the way!

I’m having a lovely time. And I still haven’t thanked my best friend for giving me the piece of advice that allowed me to leave my grief behind and move on, so I will dedicate this post to her. For always being there to listen to me and support me, wherever we are, and for putting up with my endless rants.

A few days ago I stepped out the door and almost got blown away. Here, that’s a lovely sing, because it marks the beginning of the warmer days and the imminent coming of spring. We have windy springs. Sometimes annoyingly windy (try snapping a picture of an iris when it’s being rocked in all directions), but nothing can take away the happiness that Spring brings with her. Spending time in the garden, feeling the warmth of the sun and the breeze on my skin, wearing lighter clothes … there’s a magical feeling about this season.

This time of healing is good for the soul. And enjoying life is such a great thing!