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Almond flowers

Happy spring and autumn, everyone! I’m so glad spring’s officially here. I think it automatically takes away my sadness and every bad feeling and puts a smile on my face.

I’ve decided to go for a morning walk now that the days are warmer. There’s a path that runs parallel to one of the main streets in my city. It’s a beautiful place to walk, separated from the city by tall, green trees that make it feel like a wholly different city hidden in plain sight, a quiet place away from the cars, the fumes, the shoppers. I love starting the day on an energy surge, and I had no idea we use so many muscles when we walk. By the time I came home today all the soreness in my back was gone, and I hadn’t felt that relaxed in months.

These are some shots of the lovely almond tree that grows around the corner from my house. This tree and I have a history, it’s very special to me and when it blooms (some years it does and some years it doesn’t) I stand under it and I feel very peaceful. Hope you enjoy the photos!