My words and my pictures. All I have


Purple flowers in the morning light

Summer meets fall. Is there a name for that time in between seasons? Whatever it’s called, it’s here, and it’s time to get the warmer clothes out and see what chances for photography this time of the year offers.

Going back in time a little… I took these photos almost two months ago (seriously? where did the summer go?), and I didn’t have the time to edit them until now. I guess it’s flower photography season for me :). Enjoy!


Flower explosion

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post! Where are the days going? I’ve been working on so many projects that time is flying by and 24 hours a day aren’t enough (it doesn’t help that my computer is working at slow snail-speed, either). But it’s a good busy, so I don’t mind. Of course, the amount of photos I have to edit has reached an alarming size by now, so I guess I’ll be able to indulge and stay indoors on those frosty winter days when I’m too lazy to brave the cold and go shooting.

Last week the theme on my Flickr group was “In the morning”, so I grabbed Freedom and went exploring around the garden in the early hours. If my neighbors had the suspicion that I was a little touched in the head, they’re fully convinced by now and whispering about the young woman that was climbing a garden chair in her front yard and twisting in weird positions over a bush of white flowers. It’s better than being known as the crazy cat lady, though – at least it’s original!

I edited these in Color Efex Pro 3, and I must say I’m in love. I gave Lightroom a chance, but I’m a Photoshop girl, especially with these filters. I was playing around, so some of these aren’t exactly realistic colorwise, but I love the results. Hope you like them!


Sunset on the rocks

For this week’s post I decided to give the Ocean shots a break and go with something a little different. A little because it’s still a sunset and it’s still the beach, but these are some photos that I took at our local beach.

What I love about these rocks is that you have to stalk the tide in order to get the right shot, so I put on my old sneakers-for-walking-in-the-mud and shot the sunset over the rocks like four days on a row. I have so much fun walking in the mud, and sometimes skiing in the mud, that I almost forgot I was terrified of slipping and ending with the camera in the water. Luckily I was underestimating the skills honed during a lifetime of living by the beach, and I barely got any mud on me, none at all on Freedom. That’s what you get from a childhood spent hunting for crabs (plus they’re the only ugly-looking creatures that don’t scare me at all).

I tried a new way of processing these photos since the exposure was complicated due to the contrast between the sky and the rocks. David from Stories from home posted about blending exposures by using gradient masks in Photoshop, and since I don’t get on well with HDR (not because I don’t like it but because I can never get it right), I decided this method was going to be my favorite way of dealing with this kind of shots. I was so right! I love the results, and the process is actually very easy and fast. I followed this tutorial.

There will be more shots of the sunset on rocks to come, so I hope you enjoy them :).


Happy birthday and the Atlantic Ocean

Because, you know, what better way is there to celebrate than surrounded by beauty? Today Art is my sanity is officially one year old. One year of my words and my images, one year of crafting my soul by creating beauty. It was one of the best years of my life, and this blog was a great part of that.

I found my place in the world when I stood watching the sunset with a camera for the first time, and I’ve shared my path with you since that day. I grew as a person and as a photographer, I got my first DSLR, and like my favorite band says “together we’re invincible”. When I have a camera in my hands I’m invincible, and my soul’s unbreakable.

With all my heart, people, I say thank you. Without you Art is my sanity wouldn’t be the place of beauty, joy and hope it is today, and I wouldn’t have this lovely corner of the world to retire to when my soul needs rest.

Here’s to another year, and another one after that. At twenty-four my life is barely beginning, and I can’t wait to find out were my feet will take me, and share that road with you.