My words and my pictures. All I have



Hello everyone! I’m back, and I had one of the best vacations ever. The weather wasn’t very kind to my photographic interests, but as least I got to shoot two stunning sunsets (plus one that wasn’t so impressive) and part of a sunrise (I should have gotten up earlier!) The rest of the time it was cloudy, but on the bright side now I know this lovely place is an hour from home, so I can go back, snap a few shots of the sunrise and head back home any time.
I’ll tackle the photos from the trip today or tomorrow, but for the time being I leave you with a video. I started making this slideshow a couple of months ago, and took advantage of this vacation to finish it. I love the song. Hope you like it! (Unfortunately it looks pixelated when viewed in full screen, so I’d recommend watching it in small screen.)



Today I finally understood why my mother loves gardening so much. I came back home from college practically seething with rage at my teachers’ selfish attitude of not giving a fig about their students (how stupid is that? They’re there to help us learn, not to satisfy their overgrown egos), changed into a comfortable outfit, and stormed outside to plant my tulips and crocuses. Somewhere along that process, I completely relaxed.

It was so much fun, emptying the pots, airing the soil, getting in back into the pots and then burying the bulbs in the earth, and covering them as if with a blanket for their winter sleep. By the time the pots were watered and sitting on their new home, I was nearly dancing with joy. The idea of having helped life and beauty grow, and the hope of meeting the colorful flowers in a few months are exhilarating.

As if this wasn’t enough, today I received the Versatile Blogger Award again, twice. Not only photography has changed my life, this blog has, too. Meeting all the wonderful photographers, artists and people I have met from all over the world has been an enriching experience. Seeing your creations daily, getting your input in the comments you leave, and receiving this kind of awards which are, in my opinion, a symbol of the blogging community, is a great part of my life that keeps me tied to sanity in the midst of this insanity that is my last year of college.

The shots. This is my project for my Flick group, weekly theme “Music”. I’ve had this guitar since I was fourteen, and I never learned how to play it. It was a gift from my father when we started having music lessons at school, but in the end music class turned out to be free period, and I never made the effort to learn outside from school. Over the years I finally figured out I wasn’t made for music, in the same way I learnt I wasn’t made for sports. You know my thing is photography, and weirdly enough I finally found a use for the guitar.