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Have an awesome 2012!

It’s been almost a year since I discovered photography and created this blog. It’s been a year since I decided to turn my life around and enjoy everything I did. It’s been quite an eventful year, and there were some totally unexpected bumps on the road that knocked the air out of me, but I’ve made it. And what’s more, I believe I’m a better person than I was twelve months ago, even if only because I’m aware of the things I need to change in my life. My New Year proposition is going to be “focusing on the bright side”. I have a hard time convincing myself that whether the glass is half full or half empty really depends on perception, on the way we choose to see it. But I have so many awesome things in my life, I feel ungrateful when I don’t appreciate them.

And of course, there’s NO WAY 2012 isn’t going to be the best year ever, since it’s starting off like this:

What do you know? Freedom’s finally here! She arrived this afternoon, after two excruciating weeks of waiting for her. I’ve finally gotten to shoot some photos that I’ve wanted to do for a year, like this one. These are actually three shots combined, because there just weren’t enough lights on the tree (and we would probably set it on fire if we added any more, LOL.)

Have an awesome start to your year, and may it be filled with joy, peace, love, health and dreams come true :).


Merry Christmas!

Dear Goddess:

I was going to find a calm spot and talk to you for a while, but I guess I didn’t need to. I was going to ask you for a few Christmas presents, you know, like love, happiness, joy, and the strength to change the things that need to be changed in my life, among others. But then I got busy, and Christmas Eve came and went, and somehow I got the things I wanted without even having to ask for them.

I got love when a friend called to see how I was doing and wish me a merry Christmas. I got happiness when my six-month-old niece looked me in the eye with those baby blues that captured my soul and giggled. I got strength when I felt the company of those I love. I got joy when the lovely stray cat I adopted this year spent her first Christmas in the warmth and safety of her home.

I know I have a long way to go, but today I felt like I was finally going somewhere. So instead of asking, I give thanks, and I wish everyone a magical Christmas like mine. Love you all, my dear readers!



The pink hour

The other day I did something I hadn’t done in a long time: I went shooting in the early morning. I’m fond of sunsets because they don’t have the tendency to come too early in the day, but every now and then I venture out during sunrise.

On this particular morning the whole world was golden and pink, like I hadn’t seen in a long time. I went to the backyard and found these lovely flowers, which I think look awesome under this light. I wish we had more morning like this one!


Memories of sunsets past

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! This is my niece’s first Christmas, and I think I’m as excited about it as I was when I was a kid, probably because I want her to enjoy it as much as I did back then. I set up the tree the other day, and I love to sit and watch the lights. The tree is my favorite part of Christmas, together with the gifts, so I make sure they’re perfect :).

I’ve been writing like crazy these past days, so I finished one paper and I’m halfway through another one. That leaves one and a half! Of course writing is pretty much all I can do right now, since I went sunbathing last Saturday – minus the sunscreen. My belly is an ugly shade of shrimp red that totally matches the baubles on the tree, and it itches like crazy :(.

On the other hand, I used the time to try and tidy up my hard drive, which is always a titanic effort. I went through my archives and I found some photos from last summer that I never edited, probably due to lack of time. Well, I have time now, so here they are. Enjoy!


Golden days

I’m on holiday! At long last! Has it ever happened to you that some years you wonder where the months went, and other years you’re just happy the long months are over? This year I’m happy the greatest part of the work is done. Now I’m actually having fun writing papers, perusing books, writing down my ideas about them… I’m beginning to enjoy my career again. I’m also doing some spring cleaning in my life, and hopefully I’ll manage to sort out at least part of it and have a little rest this summer.

The end-of-teaching-practice party was a lot of fun, although I caught a slight cold from waiting for the bus in the early morning hours, so I took the rest of the week off to do nothing. Doing nothing is great sometimes :). I did manage to edit some photos, and I hope you like them.