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The ocean, the fishermen, and the muddy sneakers


I can’t believe how fast time goes by. It’s October already! I’ve been trying to shoot on a weekly basis (for the sake of my sanity), but unfortunately I don’t have much time to edit. These are from last summer, I’m really looking forward to going on vacation to this awesome place again, I miss the open ocean.

I have most of this week off, so I’ll try to work on some of my more recent photos. See you soon! (I hope).

Before I leave, I wanted to share with you the lengths I’ll go to in order to get the perfect shot. This is what happened to my “good” sneakers yesterday. Oh well, that’s what the washing machine is for, the sunset was gorgeous :).

42 thoughts on “The ocean, the fishermen, and the muddy sneakers

  1. Stunning photos!! Your sneakers look like mine after a muddy horse pasture!

  2. I think WOW! Just about covers it! Dirty sneakers are a small price to pay.

  3. Although I am sorry to see what happened to your trainers it was very much worth it! Fantastic images!!

  4. Wow, gorgeous isn’t the word – more like mind-blowing!

  5. Beautiful pictures.

  6. A fantastic set ! I recommend rubber boots;)

  7. Love the way you are experimenting with tone and movement in the water. Editing can take over your weekend… now you know what I am doing 🙂

  8. Really lovely shots, getting sneakers dirty was worth it for those glorious sunsets

  9. Super series and you have some fantastic sunsets where you live!!!

  10. Gorgeous sunset images! It was definitely worth getting your shoes, feet dirty for these amazing shots. I’ve been following your blog for sometime now, and you never cease to “WOW” me with your sunset photos, Belen. I want to move to Argentina. 🙂

    • Thank you, Em!! You made me smile :). I love living by the ocean. The coastal town where I took these shots is one of the most beautiful in the whole country, you can watch the sun rise and set on the same beach, so it’s just perfect. I think you would love it there :).

  11. Thank you for getting your shoes muddy – these shots are glorious!

  12. These are beautiful, the colors and the warmth that they bring.

  13. Belen, amazing photos! I love the reflected orange light on the wet sand.

  14. These are stunning, Belen! I love the reflections and the wonderful orange glow. I had to laugh at your sneakers. Mine often end up looking like that, too. lol!

  15. Certainly worth ruining sneakers for! Love your work.

  16. Your photographs are just beautiful. As odd as this may sound, I was wondering
    if you would be interested in a gift. I have a Canon 1000d with card, 2 batteries,
    a remote, cables, and manuals wasting away in a box. The only thing it needs is
    a lens. If you are interested please contact me and I will find a way to ship it to you.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  17. Wow and simply wow!!
    Your photographs always make me wanna be in the placxe where you shot them!
    Love your work, and your last photo brought some memories back to me as well 🙂

  18. super like….love your blog 🙂

  19. Belen, your sunsets are just beautiful! You can tell how much you love photography just by looking at these photos. Keep up the beautiful work!…..and happy belated birthday!

  20. I can write a story for each of the picture! They speak for themselves! 🙂

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