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Liquid gold


Hi there, everyone! How did your 2013 start? Mine started with overcast skies, howling winds, lightening, thunder, and rain. 2012 went out with a bang, quite literally, thwarting my plan to shoot the last sunset of 2012 and the first sunrise of 2013. I got the next best thing, though, the last visible sunset and the first visible sunrise, and all the sunsets and sunrises I shot while I was on vacation were gorgeous, so I’m not complaining about a little bit of (seriously) bad weather.

These shots aren’t from my vacation, though, because I haven’t had time to edit those. They’re from last February, a fantastic stormy sunset shot at the local beach. Hope you like them!


11 thoughts on “Liquid gold

  1. These are gorgeous, Belen, and evoke such a sense of peace. 🙂

  2. Outstanding! You do have a way with the setting sun 😀 Now let’s hurry up and get to work on the new pics, we all want to see them!

    • Thanks, Jeff! I could shoot sunsets and sunrises forever :). I’m editing the last shots from my vacation last year, and as soon as I’m done with those I’ll get on with the ones from this year.

      • LAST YEAR! And I thought I was the King Of Procrastination! I must bow before you, as you are the Queen 😀

      • I have many shots from last summer that I haven’t edited yet. What with the slow computer and the lack of time, this has been my slowest year for editing. I’m hoping to catch up now that I’m on vacation…

  3. How couldn’t I like them? 🙂
    They are fascinating and I love every single golden tone that you captured.
    Amazing shots as always, I love the title too.
    Hope you are having a great 2013 🙂

  4. Incredible beautiful photos!

  5. Beautiful photos, it looks so warm there! 🙂

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