My words and my pictures. All I have


Crazy creativity

I was bored. I don’t know if you’ve ever been warned, but creative, crazy things tend to happen when I’m bored. And since I was bored and had a WIFI connection available (I always have the connection, but I’m not always bored), I decided to put my googling skills to good use.

I’ve been looking for cool ways to simulate the Hipstamatic iPhone app without much success, until last night. I came across two really great PS actions, the Hipstamatic mini set and the Hipstamatic revolution. The second one is really awesome, and proves my theory that you can do anything with PS if you know how to (or someone who knows how to is kind enough to share for free). And then I found a little program to turn images into Polaroids.

By the way, I keep forgetting to celebrate my 100 posts on Artismysanity (which are by now 107). Kudos to me for the work I’ve put into the blog, and thanks to all of you for being such an important part of it!


Freedom to breathe

I’ve been studying for hours. Yawn. I’ve gotten some scrapbooking done. Yawn. I still have to read some more before I can finally go to bed (it’s two a.m. here). Yawn.

I love these shots, and I just can’t wait to go shooting tomorrow. That’s a feeling I missed! It’s good to be back to my usual self. Enjoy these, and thanks for visiting, liking, commenting and subscribing!



I don’t want to say it out loud in case I jinx it, but my photographer’s block is gone!

Today I was trying to get my cat to come inside when I noticed my tulips are sprouting and my crocuses are showing the tips of a few leaves. I would never have guessed that winter would bring more beauty than autumn (I know it’s not officially winter yet, but we’re closer to winter than we’re to autumn by now). That’s probably because I’ve never liked winter, and I’ve never paid enough attention. I’m sure I’ll learn better this year.

On Thursday, I got up ready for a boring day, and then I opened my window. I’m sure I looked like a cartoon, rubbing my eyes over and over to convince myself that I was really witnessing all this beauty. It was very, very foggy outside – I don’t think I’d ever seen so much fog here. In sixty seconds I grabbed the first items of clothing I found, threw a jacket over my pajamas, put on my boots without zipping them up, and rushed outside with my camera. It’s a good thing is was foggy, maybe no one noticed the crazy looking woman with the disheveled hair and the unzipped boots. Living across the street from the small park is a true blessing, I’ll miss it a lot when I move to my own place.

These are my first B&W shots. I’m a fan of color, but since it was foggy I decided to try it out. I considered downloading a trial version of Silver Efex Pro 2, but then I read online that you can do pretty much the same with PS, it’s just more complicated. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I decided to work with PS, and I played with contrast, saturation, curves, and maybe other things that I forgot.

What I love most about these shots is that they put an end to a photographer’s block that was driving me nuts. Beauty truly keeps the soul alive.


Beauty by any other name…

Yay! Short week and long weekend for me!

It’s been real hard this week to stay focused on the good. I’m tired, teachers are insane, and I’m not a huge fan of winter’s browns. But then, I wake up and Nature has a beautiful gift for me to delight in and take pictures of, and I realize how lovely it is to live in a small city, I get my college stuff done and feel accomplished…

Mostly, it was the pictures I took this morning. Which reminded me of why I fell in love with photography; it can change a whole month of craziness in just a few minutes. So tonight, I go to bed a happy person. And for the first time in my entire life, I know for sure that happiness is there for my taking whenever I want.

Tomorrow I’ll edit the pictures that made me so happy today and post them, and for now I leave you with some of my project shots. Enjoy, and be happy!


Beauty speaks for itself

Can we make this an almost wordless Wednesday? I’m too tired to think of anything to say, other than that I’m glad I have wonderful readers who make me smile even when college drives me crazy, and that I’m really happy today’s a holiday in Argentina, because I need some sleep!

Enjoy these, and as usual, thank you for making blogging fun!

I almost forgot. The yacht that says “Pollux” in the fourth shot? That’s our baby!