My words and my pictures. All I have


Orange and gold

This has definitely not been my week. I feel like I couldn’t get anything right, and nothing turned out the way I wanted. I know I have to get rid of all the negativity, so I’m taking it easy. I’m trying to read and crochet more, since I enjoy those activities and I find them very soothing. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with the daily posts, but I’ll certainly keep blogging, because I love it.

It rained all day yesterday and today, and having just recovered from my cold, I stayed inside. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be clearing, and I’ll go somewhere to shoot the sunset and relax some more. In the meantime, I edited some more shots from last Saturday to cheer myself up in the cold, damp weather. I just love this beach, and the way the sun bathed everything in orange and gold that day. Enjoy!



Today I finally understood why my mother loves gardening so much. I came back home from college practically seething with rage at my teachers’ selfish attitude of not giving a fig about their students (how stupid is that? They’re there to help us learn, not to satisfy their overgrown egos), changed into a comfortable outfit, and stormed outside to plant my tulips and crocuses. Somewhere along that process, I completely relaxed.

It was so much fun, emptying the pots, airing the soil, getting in back into the pots and then burying the bulbs in the earth, and covering them as if with a blanket for their winter sleep. By the time the pots were watered and sitting on their new home, I was nearly dancing with joy. The idea of having helped life and beauty grow, and the hope of meeting the colorful flowers in a few months are exhilarating.

As if this wasn’t enough, today I received the Versatile Blogger Award again, twice. Not only photography has changed my life, this blog has, too. Meeting all the wonderful photographers, artists and people I have met from all over the world has been an enriching experience. Seeing your creations daily, getting your input in the comments you leave, and receiving this kind of awards which are, in my opinion, a symbol of the blogging community, is a great part of my life that keeps me tied to sanity in the midst of this insanity that is my last year of college.

The shots. This is my project for my Flick group, weekly theme “Music”. I’ve had this guitar since I was fourteen, and I never learned how to play it. It was a gift from my father when we started having music lessons at school, but in the end music class turned out to be free period, and I never made the effort to learn outside from school. Over the years I finally figured out I wasn’t made for music, in the same way I learnt I wasn’t made for sports. You know my thing is photography, and weirdly enough I finally found a use for the guitar.



A quick post today, because I’m busy with college and I didn’t have much time to edit my shots. Plus, I’m working on this week’s topic for my Flickr group, and I want to take a few more shots before getting the post together. I’m having so much fun with this group, it makes me shoot things I’d never have thought of shooting myself.

About these shots, they are odds and ends that I have never had the chance to fit into any post, and now they finally deserve one of their own. Astra, know you inspired the one with the flashlight. This time I do gave an explanation of how this piece of rubbish ended up in my backyard – it’s one of the many discarded things my father has taken to collecting over the years, instead of throwing them away like he should. I’ve no idea why he won’t let go, but I sure wish he would – my poor backyard is covered in useless items, including an old cooker, a run-down kitchen counter, and our old living room set.


Tilted sunset

I have a strange feeling today. It’s not something that I can identify, but it’s there. Maybe something is about to happen? If that’s the case, I hope it’s something good. Or maybe it’s just that the weather is finally getting colder, lots of trees are already on their way to being leafless, and summer colors are definitely gone from the scene.

On another note, I’m very happy today. Last weekend I caught a TV program about gardening, just when they were explaining how to plant tulips – tulips are my favorite flowers, even though I’ve only seen them in pictures. It’s not a commonly grown plant where I live, but at least now I know that I can grow them myself. So today I headed out to the nursery, and came home with two tulip bulbs, and, to my delight, two crocus bulbs! If all goes well, next spring I should see these flowers in person for the first time in my life. There’s such a sense of magic to that thought…

In the meantime, and since the cold weather has arrived, I’ve taken up my crochet work again, and the sweater I left unfinished last year is finally on its way to becoming a sweater. I love crocheting and knitting in the winter, it’s so relaxing. I don’t know how I’ll balance everything I’m doing, but somehow I will.

These shots are from Saturday. I must warn you, I got –quite a lot– carried away with tilted horizons. I don’t know why, I don’t like how they work anywhere else, but at this beach, tilting the camera can create some wonderful shots. Hope you like them!


Pine flowers

Today, my sister, brother in law and the little bundle of joy came for lunch. It’s incredible to see my sister so big and bright, and it’s also incredible that in just a couple of months my little niece will be joining us in person!

I took the chance to try some portrait photography in the front yard, and it didn’t go so bad, even though it wasn’t the best time of day. I’ve always thought this branch of photography is the most complicated, for lots of reasons, but someday I’d like to learn. For the time being, I’ll stick to getting better at my favorites – close-up and landscape.

These are pinecones from my neighbor’s pine (not the neighbor who grows dahlias in her garden, but the one on the other side). They just fell from the tree, and my mother picked them all up and arranged them on a little basket that she placed on her desk. Of course my cat proceeded to grab one and run every time he gets a chance, and that is how life goes on at home.

Aren’t they amazingly beautiful? I’d never seen pinecones that looked like flowers before.


Vibrant beauty

Today was a good day in comparison to the last two. Mostly because I wrapped myself up in about ten layers of clothing and went down to the beach to shoot the sunset. At first I felt I wasn’t going to get a single good shot, because the sunset was rather boring, but after the sun had hidden (the best part, usually), the world was bathed in magic. Like I said, beauty is healing.

I’ll get those shots edited soon, but today I’m posting more shots of my rose moss plants, just because I’m in love with them. Hope you like them!


Flowers and sunsets

I didn’t have enough energy to start editing my project shots today, even though I did get out for a short while and took some pictures. I’m feeling a bit worse than yesterday, but it’s just a cold, and I know I’ll be better in another couple of days. In the meantime, my mother keeps a permanent flow of hot beverages and my cat lets me hold him and pet him for longer than usual. Being sick is not so bad, if you look at it that way.

So, since my brain is on a leave of absence, today I’m posting some shots from two weeks ago that I never got to post, and hoping that tomorrow my head will be clear enough to get back to doing something. I’m rushing off to bed now. Enjoy!