My words and my pictures. All I have


Little baubles of light

It feels good to be back. I’ve been away for two months, running around, working on my dissertation, and sorting out some personal stuff. I had to take a vacation from blogging because it was starting to feel like a chore instead of something that I enjoyed.

I went through two hard drives in the meantime, one broke down from old age and use, and the one I replaced it with was apparently faulty and broke down after a couple of weeks. Luckily the losses were minor, but the first time around the people that salvaged all my info failed to restore a couple folders, among which were my most recently edited photos (which I hadn’t backed up). I thought these were gone for good, until my second hard drive died and they restored the original back up fully, including these. Imagine my happiness :).

So here we are, my photos and me. I have lots of archived photos from last summer that I want to edit, so I think I’ll be back again soon. Hope you enjoy these :).

DSC_7305 DSC_7299 DSC_7369 DSC_7300 DSC_7302 DSC_7383 DSC_72861 DSC_7306 DSC_7338 DSC_72852 DSC_7392


A dandelion’s view of the world

Hi! I’m reporting from the twilight zone, i.e. the end of the semester. I have my last partial tomorrow morning (technically it’s already today, but my days don’t start until I get up), and one last paper to hand in. After that, classes are over and I’m taking at least a whole weekend off.

I was looking for my cat last week when I spotted the single dandelion growing in the garden. I forgot about the missing cat and went for the camera, but the cat found me while I was on the ground taking pictures. He always finds the camera.

I love how everything looks so huge when I’m on ground level taking pictures. It puts the world in perspective :).


Tilted sunset

I have a strange feeling today. It’s not something that I can identify, but it’s there. Maybe something is about to happen? If that’s the case, I hope it’s something good. Or maybe it’s just that the weather is finally getting colder, lots of trees are already on their way to being leafless, and summer colors are definitely gone from the scene.

On another note, I’m very happy today. Last weekend I caught a TV program about gardening, just when they were explaining how to plant tulips – tulips are my favorite flowers, even though I’ve only seen them in pictures. It’s not a commonly grown plant where I live, but at least now I know that I can grow them myself. So today I headed out to the nursery, and came home with two tulip bulbs, and, to my delight, two crocus bulbs! If all goes well, next spring I should see these flowers in person for the first time in my life. There’s such a sense of magic to that thought…

In the meantime, and since the cold weather has arrived, I’ve taken up my crochet work again, and the sweater I left unfinished last year is finally on its way to becoming a sweater. I love crocheting and knitting in the winter, it’s so relaxing. I don’t know how I’ll balance everything I’m doing, but somehow I will.

These shots are from Saturday. I must warn you, I got –quite a lot– carried away with tilted horizons. I don’t know why, I don’t like how they work anywhere else, but at this beach, tilting the camera can create some wonderful shots. Hope you like them!


Sunset in perspective

These past days I’ve had what I’ve taken to calling “an angle attack”. Basically, it consists on me crawling on the floor and getting my clothes covered in dust and mud; but the results of this weird activity have been amazing. I’ve discovered that the world holds many secrets at different heights, that one place can be many places depending on how you look at it, and essentially, that nothing in this world is as critical as we may think, because absolutely everything is relative.

Photography has taught me many lessons about life, about this world, about how to survive in this world. I’m endlessly grateful for that.

And speaking of gratefulness, I’d like to thank my incredibly generous father for spending hours this week with me at the beach while I shot and shot to my heart’s content. And also because without him I wouldn’t be taking pictures at all; he gave me my first camera – and then a new one when the first one died – my tripod, and countless trips to the beach.

Just in case anyone was wondering, I did pass my final exam. I’m one step closer to my degree and my DSLR.

And since I believe in giving credit when credit is due, I want to direct anyone who reads this post towards a wonderful set of shots I came across a few days ago, which actually inspired my angle attempts. You can see them by clicking here.

If you’d be so kind, please take a look at my pictures first; next to hers mine will pale.