My words and my pictures. All I have



Hello everyone! I know I’ve been MIA for almost a week. I took some time off to catch up with all my college stuff and rest a little in between. Now that the end of classes is only two weeks away, I’m bursting with energy. The promise of freedom makes me want to work even harder, as if I could make it come sooner.

Luckily the ash hasn’t made an appearance for days in my corner of the world, although in Bariloche the consequences are still awful. I managed to take some pictures of what my poor garden looked like before the rain washed the ash away (and this is not the worst it’s looked in these past two or three weeks).

Now we’re back to winter’s regular spells of sunshine and cloudy skies. I don’t think I’ve appreciated winter skies enough in the past. Living under an ash-covered sky for two weeks was getting really claustrophobic; feeling that the sun may not shine again for who knew how long was nightmarish – the first day the sky was blue I actually laughed with joy. I don’t think I’ll complain about clouds and rain again for the rest of the year.