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Hello everyone! I know I’ve been MIA for almost a week. I took some time off to catch up with all my college stuff and rest a little in between. Now that the end of classes is only two weeks away, I’m bursting with energy. The promise of freedom makes me want to work even harder, as if I could make it come sooner.

Luckily the ash hasn’t made an appearance for days in my corner of the world, although in Bariloche the consequences are still awful. I managed to take some pictures of what my poor garden looked like before the rain washed the ash away (and this is not the worst it’s looked in these past two or three weeks).

Now we’re back to winter’s regular spells of sunshine and cloudy skies. I don’t think I’ve appreciated winter skies enough in the past. Living under an ash-covered sky for two weeks was getting really claustrophobic; feeling that the sun may not shine again for who knew how long was nightmarish – the first day the sky was blue I actually laughed with joy. I don’t think I’ll complain about clouds and rain again for the rest of the year.


30 thoughts on “Ash

  1. It’s great to see you back on here as I’ve missed your posts! From what you’ve written, I’ll try and remember your words the next time I complain about not seeing blue sky and I’ll thank my lucky stars.

    Those flowers are so beautiful, even with the layer of ash on them. I’ve read that volcanic ash is actually pretty good for plants, as it contains so many minerals in it. Maybe this time next year, you’ll have a bumper supply of flowers to photograph 🙂

    • I miss taking pictures too, Sam.
      I’ve heard the same about ash, so I hope my garden will be lovely this spring. And if people in Bariloche can ever get over the mess the meters of ash caused, maybe they’ll benefit from it. You never know how things will turn out.

  2. What are you studying in college? I am BA, MA religion/history retired high school teacher. Available for questions or suggestions.

    • Thanks for the offer! I’ll definitely keep it mind. I’m studying Literature, though I’m not sure what is the equivalent of my titles where you live. What do BA and MA stand for?

  3. It’s good to see you back! Such beautiful ash covered things they are. I’m glad you got your blue sky back. I’m still working on getting mine!
    Astra Wally

  4. welcome back =) i’m glad the ash didn’t fall to much where you are, but i can only imagine how depressing the sky must have been. glad you are getting some sun now!

    • I stood in the garden a couple of hours ago looking at the world around me, and I was really glad things were back to their usual colorful state. I hated that even the gray sidewalks were grayer than usual. I’m so grateful it’s finally over!

  5. Love the color and contrast in the sixth shot 🙂 Glad to hear the weather is improving!

  6. Beautiful flowers! I can’t believe you get flowers in winter!! We just get the white stuff that ain’t ash. lol. Very pretty even with the dusting of ash.

    • I’m really grateful for these evergreen every-flowering plants. They make winter more bearable.
      I think the layer of ash gave these flowers a romantic sort of look, but anyway I’m glad it’s all gone now.

  7. Glad to see you back, and to hear that you got a chance to rest. Great pictures, even with the ash! We haven’t been having much luck with the sunshine at all lately, pretty disappointing summer so far.

    • Thanks, Kieran! Glad you like the shots. Winter has been colorful and interesting here since the clouds of ash finally went away, and I hope I’ll go down to the beach soon and shoot a lovely sunset to show off the pretty colors we’re having :).

  8. Blue skys, no matter when nor why they finally show, always make me smile. : ) Glad you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with your work. Hang in there!

  9. Beautiful shots even with the ash, especially the purple one..:-)

    • Strangely enough these flowers had to be covered in ash so I could finally take a decent picture of them. I’ll have to try again soon without the ash, they are so beautiful!

  10. I wondered if that affected you at all. Good to see you back. And as others have already commented, the shots are still beautiful, even with the ash. 🙂

  11. Love the purple flower with the yellow center. We have those in Arizona, too. Wish I knew the name. Such pretty color. Nice shots!

    • I love them too, especially since they flower all year long, even in winter. As far as I know they’re called african daisies, but then again, I’m no expert in gardening.

  12. Hope the ash is finally going away. Love the ashy flowers…

  13. Beautiful…I’m ready to build a flower bed at the new place we just moved to!

  14. These flower pictures are gorgeous. The coloring turned out great. Its really vivid!

    • Thanks, Maggie! I think the ash had to do with that, too. The sky was a strange shade of gray when I took these pictures, and I just couldn’t believe how red the reds looked and how violet the violets looked. I’d never managed to take a good picture of the petunias before, so the ash did as least one good thing for someone.

  15. Lovely Colors and Flowers…

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