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Pine flowers

Today, my sister, brother in law and the little bundle of joy came for lunch. It’s incredible to see my sister so big and bright, and it’s also incredible that in just a couple of months my little niece will be joining us in person!

I took the chance to try some portrait photography in the front yard, and it didn’t go so bad, even though it wasn’t the best time of day. I’ve always thought this branch of photography is the most complicated, for lots of reasons, but someday I’d like to learn. For the time being, I’ll stick to getting better at my favorites – close-up and landscape.

These are pinecones from my neighbor’s pine (not the neighbor who grows dahlias in her garden, but the one on the other side). They just fell from the tree, and my mother picked them all up and arranged them on a little basket that she placed on her desk. Of course my cat proceeded to grab one and run every time he gets a chance, and that is how life goes on at home.

Aren’t they amazingly beautiful? I’d never seen pinecones that looked like flowers before.