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Flowers for the soul

I’m 90% exhausted, and the week isn’t over yet. Thank goodness this will only last until June, otherwise I’m not sure I would survive. But I’m even more excited than yesterday, and I’m tackling everything with all my energy. I went to see my thesis director today, and she agreed to work with me. If I work real hard, I’ll be able to apply for the scholarship this October. So now Calderon de la Barca and me will go seat under a tree and have a conversation :P. I can’t really read outdoors, there’s always something distracting me, but I will be working with Calderon de la Barca’s “La vida es sueño”, spanish theatre from the 17th century.

These are from the archives. I feel like these flowers today, colorful and bright :).


Vibrant beauty

Today was a good day in comparison to the last two. Mostly because I wrapped myself up in about ten layers of clothing and went down to the beach to shoot the sunset. At first I felt I wasn’t going to get a single good shot, because the sunset was rather boring, but after the sun had hidden (the best part, usually), the world was bathed in magic. Like I said, beauty is healing.

I’ll get those shots edited soon, but today I’m posting more shots of my rose moss plants, just because I’m in love with them. Hope you like them!