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Vibrant beauty


Today was a good day in comparison to the last two. Mostly because I wrapped myself up in about ten layers of clothing and went down to the beach to shoot the sunset. At first I felt I wasn’t going to get a single good shot, because the sunset was rather boring, but after the sun had hidden (the best part, usually), the world was bathed in magic. Like I said, beauty is healing.

I’ll get those shots edited soon, but today I’m posting more shots of my rose moss plants, just because I’m in love with them. Hope you like them!


12 thoughts on “Vibrant beauty

  1. Beautiful! Nature have so much to offer to us..
    Tranquility, beauty, colors, freshness…

    I really liked your photos very much

  2. I love those orangey/red flowers. The colour and light you have captured on them is excellent, I can almost smell them. It’s the first shot is the real winner for me. It looks so delicate, precious and fragile like coloured tissue paper.
    Beautiful work
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • I’m glad someone else is in love with my rose moss. The first one is my favorite, too. But I love all the flowers so much I could take a hundred pictures of them every day! I think I should cut down on the rose moss posts, shouldn’t I?

  3. The colors are so vibrant! They wake someone up much more pleasantly than any cup of coffee could. : )

    • Thanks! They do, in my opinion, but then again, I don’t like coffee. Does Miss Stella wake you up with dog kisses?
      I’m glad people still like my rose moss shots; I’m beginning to wonder if I’m overdoing the african daisies and rose moss posts.

  4. Love the moss roses and their vibrant beautiful colors. I love zinnias for the same reason. Jeanne

    • Thanks! I love colorful flowers in general. The problem is that the only plants I can grow are plastic ones, so I’m always trying to get my mother to plant more (she’s the gardener in the family).
      Glad you enjoyed these!

  5. The colors and light are so vibrant and lovely.

    It’s been gray and rainy here today so it’s a treat for the eyes to visit your blog. 🙂

    • It’s good to know that, Robin. It was a bright, sunny day here today, but we don’t see so many flowers lately. Winters’ tail can already be seen on the horizon.
      At least all the rain you’re getting makes colors look stunning :).

  6. Oh my, the colours in those flowers are so truly beautiful. How lucky we are to live amongst such beauty.

    • We are, indeed. If I go for a walk around the garden every morning, I have a little moment of beauty that lasts for the rest of the day, if I watch a sunset, there’s something peaceful and lovely inside me all week long. Beauty definitely makes me smile :).

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