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A dandelion’s view of the world

Hi! I’m reporting from the twilight zone, i.e. the end of the semester. I have my last partial tomorrow morning (technically it’s already today, but my days don’t start until I get up), and one last paper to hand in. After that, classes are over and I’m taking at least a whole weekend off.

I was looking for my cat last week when I spotted the single dandelion growing in the garden. I forgot about the missing cat and went for the camera, but the cat found me while I was on the ground taking pictures. He always finds the camera.

I love how everything looks so huge when I’m on ground level taking pictures. It puts the world in perspective :).



Hello everyone! I know I’ve been MIA for almost a week. I took some time off to catch up with all my college stuff and rest a little in between. Now that the end of classes is only two weeks away, I’m bursting with energy. The promise of freedom makes me want to work even harder, as if I could make it come sooner.

Luckily the ash hasn’t made an appearance for days in my corner of the world, although in Bariloche the consequences are still awful. I managed to take some pictures of what my poor garden looked like before the rain washed the ash away (and this is not the worst it’s looked in these past two or three weeks).

Now we’re back to winter’s regular spells of sunshine and cloudy skies. I don’t think I’ve appreciated winter skies enough in the past. Living under an ash-covered sky for two weeks was getting really claustrophobic; feeling that the sun may not shine again for who knew how long was nightmarish – the first day the sky was blue I actually laughed with joy. I don’t think I’ll complain about clouds and rain again for the rest of the year.


Bright skies

It’s the second consecutive week we’ve been covered in ash. Or maybe the third. There’s a gap somewhere in my timeline that involved stressful planning of a class and my sister giving birth to my niece. The time continuum seems to be going back to normalcy this week, and I’m counting the days till the holidays arrive.

I was so out of touch with everything last week that I missed the fact that the ash has caused some severe damage south of Buenos Aires. I caught a glimpse of the news today and it looked pretty bad. Nature’s feisty lately, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s our fault or if it’s just the way things are. I’d like to think it’s the latter.

I wish I had time to take some shots. I wish there was sunlight so I could take some shots; I keep gazing longingly at the pictures from the last sunset I shot. But since everything seems to be conspiring against my time with the camera, I’ve decided to take it easy and focus on passing all my exams. Three weeks seem like a lot of time now, but with everything that’s coming up I know in no time I’ll be off the hook, free to get my life back. And I’m six months closer to my DSLR! Life just keeps getting better.



I’ve had the most amazing couple of days; they definitely made up for my insane, torturous week. My sister is recovering wonderfully both from the birth and the following surgery, my brother in law is on cloud nine, and my niece…she’s the most perfect baby on earth. She’s got these kissable red cheeks, the tinniest, softest hands, and the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Holding her in my arms, feeling her warm body, so trusting, so peaceful, so unpolluted – it changes you. Even jaded me.

My niece is a miracle in so many ways. Her parents have named her Engel, which is German for “angel”, because she’s their little angel. Our little angel. My sister has endometriosis, a very painful disease that makes it almost impossible to get pregnant. All her life she wanted a baby, and when she found this great man who’s by her side in the good and the bad, in health and in sickness, they conceived this perfect little angel we all love so much. This baby has touched all our lives in a special way.

They’re both doing so well they’ll be discharged by tomorrow morning. I was with them two hours after the birth (jetted out of my class, which went great, too), and stayed there for fours hours, which flew by. My sister was glowing, and so happy to have us all there with her. And my niece just slept and ate and she spent about five minutes in the crib because everyone wanted to hold her :).

I’ve been doing so much growing up in the past month that my head’s beginning to spin. And it’s hard to believe that so much happiness can fit into my life. The past three years have been sad and empty, and all of a sudden this year things changed, I changed, our lives changed. I can hardly say how grateful I am for all that is happening. I hope it’s the beginning of something even greater.

I leave you with these shots of the last lovely sunset we had before the ash and the clouds. I haven’t seen the sun in days, but somehow I haven’t really noticed. I wish you all as much happiness as I’m experiencing now :).


Old sunset

Today wasn’t such a lousy day after all. The sun made an appearance this morning, even if everything went gray again in the afternoon. As if clouds weren’t enough, we’re now covered in ash, too. Maybe you’ve heard about the volcano in Chile; we’re close enough that everything’s coated in a thin layer of ash. People in Bariloche (south of where I live) are sweeping ash from their roofs to avoid collapses, it’s that thick. You should have seen the sunset we had the other day, though, it was amazing. Unfortunately I was on the bus when it happened, but at least I got to watch it.

I had to take my cat Robin to the vet today since he needed to have his shots. He surprised us all by being quiet, nice and shy. He usually hisses at the vet and tries to bite his way to freedom, but today he just cuddled in my arms and trembled like a leaf. I’ll take this attitude any day, it makes me feel a lot less guilty.

I have a tummy ache from all the gummies and chocolate I ate yesterday, but no one can take away the fun of watching Pride and Prejudice on the flat screen :).

Boy, I’m really anxious for Friday to come. I was so cool until yesterday and all of a sudden I’m climbing up and down the walls. The only good thing about feeling like this is that on Friday evening I’ll appreciate my peace more than ever!

Everything in these pictures is old, which is good since the topic for this week in my Flickr group is “Old”.