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Macro in the rain

The weather has finally reverted to “highly interesting”. It’s been a week of dull overcast days where everything was gray. No rain, no sunshine, not even cool clouds. Just plain gray.

But yesterday morning something happened at last. It rained hard and long enough for drops to collect on the plants, so I had the chance to test my new L20 in close-up mode. I’m astounded with the results. For some reason my L16 wouldn’t focus on the raindrops unless I zoomed in completely. The result was a small lens aperture (f/9.3) and a boring background. The L20 can focus without zooming in, which means the lens aperture remains large (f/3.1) and the background blurs in lovely ways. It even has bokeh! (Which is one of my photographical obsessions.) Go figure. Nikon is really superb if they can manage this in a point-and-shoot.

I have issues trying to capture the warm colors of the mistletoe leaves when there isn’t direct sunlight, but if this is the cost of all the aforementioned items, I’m willing to pay it.

I hope you like these as much as I do.