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Today I finally understood why my mother loves gardening so much. I came back home from college practically seething with rage at my teachers’ selfish attitude of not giving a fig about their students (how stupid is that? They’re there to help us learn, not to satisfy their overgrown egos), changed into a comfortable outfit, and stormed outside to plant my tulips and crocuses. Somewhere along that process, I completely relaxed.

It was so much fun, emptying the pots, airing the soil, getting in back into the pots and then burying the bulbs in the earth, and covering them as if with a blanket for their winter sleep. By the time the pots were watered and sitting on their new home, I was nearly dancing with joy. The idea of having helped life and beauty grow, and the hope of meeting the colorful flowers in a few months are exhilarating.

As if this wasn’t enough, today I received the Versatile Blogger Award again, twice. Not only photography has changed my life, this blog has, too. Meeting all the wonderful photographers, artists and people I have met from all over the world has been an enriching experience. Seeing your creations daily, getting your input in the comments you leave, and receiving this kind of awards which are, in my opinion, a symbol of the blogging community, is a great part of my life that keeps me tied to sanity in the midst of this insanity that is my last year of college.

The shots. This is my project for my Flick group, weekly theme “Music”. I’ve had this guitar since I was fourteen, and I never learned how to play it. It was a gift from my father when we started having music lessons at school, but in the end music class turned out to be free period, and I never made the effort to learn outside from school. Over the years I finally figured out I wasn’t made for music, in the same way I learnt I wasn’t made for sports. You know my thing is photography, and weirdly enough I finally found a use for the guitar.


31 thoughts on “Music

  1. What beautiful words, photography and sentiment. Congratulations on winning your award, it’s very well deserved.

  2. I really love music and love to play guitar, you produce a resume in a very nice photography

  3. I don’t know jack about music or instruments but I found a beat up guitar like this in the trash , put an air plant in the hole thing and hung it on the wall. Everyone thinks I am Mr So Cool the Decorator.

    • LOL, the idea is so much fun. I wouldn’t do that with this guitar since it can still be played, but I sure would love to have a look at your guitar-pot and, of course, take some pictures.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. It’s great that you’ve discovered the wonders of gardening. It is a completely meditative occupation – just like photography. In the words of William Wordsworth, it’s all about ‘The Resorative Power of Nature’. Lovely photographs of your guitar.

    • I find photography meditative in a different way. It makes me be present in the beautiful moment I’m living, but at the same time I’m paying attention to composition, focus, angle. Gardening was different, it was doing something that didn’t necessarily require my mind to be there, so I could just enjoy the moment, bury my hands in the soil, and think beautiful thoughts. It’s a little like crocheting in that respect – my hands just fly by while my mind thinks a million thoughts a minute, and even comes up with crazy and funny stories that I sometimes end up writing down.
      I should spare more time for the things that I love.

  5. Great pictures of the guitar, I have a guitar that a friend let me borrow in my cupboard that hasn’t seen much action either! And, you definitely deserve the award 🙂

    • Thanks on both counts, Kieran! I keep my guitar in the closet, and it’s only come out a few times in the last ten years. I’m feeling guilty lately, I think it deserves to be played the same way my camera deserves to be used to take pictures. Things come alive when they’re loved by someone, and my poor guitar is a zombie – I should find it a loving owner.

  6. There must have been something in the air yesterday. My daughter (also in her last year of college) called to rant about teachers, collegues in her program. She just needed to vent her frustrations and anxiety with only one week until finals. Good luck with your education. Hang in There!

    I love what you have done with your guitar in the photos. Nice compositions. I love the first photo because the strings look like a road I would like to travel and the last photo for the placement of it by a tree just as if someone had set it there to rest after playing for a while.

    • Or maybe teachers are just mean and sometimes we need to talk about it. At least your daughter is close to finals, I still have the rest of the year to get through. Oh well…
      Glad you like these! I had lots of fun looking at the guitar from crazy angles I had never look at it before.

      • You’re right sometimes teachers are just mean and we need to talk about it. I didn’t mean to sound insensitive. Hope you are having a much better day!

        Taking a few more pictures always help change my mood if I can’t change my circumstances. Jeanne

  7. Congratulations! You surely deserved the awards!
    It’s funny, I’m in the same situation. About two years ago, I got a guitar from an acquaintance of mine but I never played on it. It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested in playing the guitar but somehow… it never felt right in my hands. Instead I discovered that a camera feels right in my hands and since then have focused on my photography.
    Like you, my guitar acts as one of my “models” these days. 😉

    • Thanks! That’s exactly the way I feel about the guitar, it just never sparked anything when I held it, unlike my camera, which causes fireworks every time I hold it.
      In the end everything ends up becoming a model for photography. It’s a great way to relate to the world!

  8. My husband plays and ive been wanting to get pics of his guitars and him playing…but he hasnt given in yet, lol…fingers crossed for one day 🙂

    • Maybe you could take pictures of the guitar and his hands, not his face, so he wouldn’t mind? That’s why I don’t shoot people, they never want to have their picture taken, beginning by me. I’m a photographer who’s allergic to the camera 😛

  9. Well done! Excellent use of perspective, close-up, and colour. I don’t know how much experience you have with imaging software, but I thought you might try blending some of your close-up shots of the guitar with those of plants in the flower pots – the music of nature. Keep expressing yourself; it is the essence of being human.

    • Thanks! I use Photoshop to process my shots, but I’ve never tried blending two shots together before. I think it’s a good idea, and I’ll give it a try as soon as life becomes a little less hectic and I have the time to play around with them. Thanks for the idea, and thanks for dropping by, too!

  10. you have a way with words:)

  11. Congratulations!
    Cool shots of the guitar!

    • Thanks, Iltana! And let me point out that a short while ago I gave this award to all my readers, and you’re most definitely included, so consider yourself awarded!
      Glad you like my guitar shots, I had lots of fun taking them :).

  12. Beautiful Shots! Great eye for detail and composition..

  13. What an awesome idea! I’ve got to try this! You are inspiration.

  14. Your guitar is in perfect condition, a true indication that your lessons were not spent anywhere near it. Gr8 to see you’ve come up with an alternative way to utilise it in another creative way. Nice pics btw.

    • Thanks! I feel really sorry for the guitar, and I’m seriously considering finding it an owner that will take care of it and play her to create beautiful music. In the meantime, I feel better for having found her a use at last.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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