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Hello everyone! I’m back, and I had one of the best vacations ever. The weather wasn’t very kind to my photographic interests, but as least I got to shoot two stunning sunsets (plus one that wasn’t so impressive) and part of a sunrise (I should have gotten up earlier!) The rest of the time it was cloudy, but on the bright side now I know this lovely place is an hour from home, so I can go back, snap a few shots of the sunrise and head back home any time.
I’ll tackle the photos from the trip today or tomorrow, but for the time being I leave you with a video. I started making this slideshow a couple of months ago, and took advantage of this vacation to finish it. I love the song. Hope you like it! (Unfortunately it looks pixelated when viewed in full screen, so I’d recommend watching it in small screen.)


20 thoughts on “Slideshow

  1. Belen, nice that you are back. great video with awesome shots and the song by Dido was a fitting accompaniment. Always enjoy your blog.

    • Thank you, Nareen! I love reading your comments :).
      I’d wanted to do a slideshow for a while, and when I discovered this song (in an album I had listened to dozens of times), I knew I’d found the perfect match for my photos. Glad you enjoyed the final result :).

  2. Super idea!!! I made a few but never posted them, i’ll let you know when i do!! Great Job!!! You’re rocking it all lady :O)

  3. wow,,, great set of photo’s

    • Thanks! Glad you like them :). These were all taken with my old point-and-shoot, so I’m thinking of doing another slideshow with the photos I’m taking with the D90 when I have enough that I like.

  4. so beautiful 🙂 lovely slideshow 🙂

  5. I love your photos!

    Thank you for stopping by my site. I can see that I will be spending time here — the look and feel of your blog is peaceful and soothing and I need more of that in my life (don’t we all?)

    “Artismysanity” — I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

    • Thank you, Karmen! I recently changed the look of the blog to lighter and happier tones, I’m glad you enjoyed what you found here, and you’re welcome back any time you want :).

  6. Really nice set of pics… really like the idea of tilting some of the photos…perfect.

  7. Very nice series of beautiful images!

  8. Great Images, really beautiful colors!

  9. Ah you sure do have to love a sunset / sunrise, and you’ve got some amazing pictures there..

  10. Good creativity, very beautiful! Adrian

    • Thank, Adrian! My favorite thing in the world (after a good sunset) is being able to create. Looking at something beautiful and knowing that I created it is one of the best feelings in the world :).

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