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Beauty by any other name…


Yay! Short week and long weekend for me!

It’s been real hard this week to stay focused on the good. I’m tired, teachers are insane, and I’m not a huge fan of winter’s browns. But then, I wake up and Nature has a beautiful gift for me to delight in and take pictures of, and I realize how lovely it is to live in a small city, I get my college stuff done and feel accomplished…

Mostly, it was the pictures I took this morning. Which reminded me of why I fell in love with photography; it can change a whole month of craziness in just a few minutes. So tonight, I go to bed a happy person. And for the first time in my entire life, I know for sure that happiness is there for my taking whenever I want.

Tomorrow I’ll edit the pictures that made me so happy today and post them, and for now I leave you with some of my project shots. Enjoy, and be happy!


16 thoughts on “Beauty by any other name…

  1. Interesting, these flowers look like papery. I do love the sunset banner you posted. I’m glad to hear about your happiness report.

    • They probably have that look because of the way they aged. I asked my neighbor for a couple of flowers when they were fading, and then kept them indoors for a few days.
      The header makes me miss that beach every time I look at it, so I’ll go back this weekend!

  2. Very neat. I really like the third photo. It reminds me of silk sashes all tied together. Very unique.

  3. Excellent news on the happiness, and I hope the weekend brings you some relaxation.
    You really have captured the beauty in natures decay. Such beautiful colours and wonderful composition. Stunning work.

    Astra Wally

    • It’s incredible how one extra day off can change everything. I spend half the time studying anyway, but at least I have the time to study, instead of worrying about the growing pile of stuff I have to do.
      Glad you like these, Astra! I enjoy my project so much. I think I’ll get one of these printed and give it to my neighbor as a gift. Don’t know if she’ll catch the hidden meaning, but hopefully it’ll brighten her day.

  4. Lovely! Refuting the statement, “past their prime”.

    • Thanks! That’s the whole idea behind the project. I still haven’t come up with a title for it, but all the ideas had to do with beauty always being beauty, no matter how young or how old. Beauty’s always beautiful!

  5. I love these, Belen. Really love them. Since I am “past my prime,” I can relate to them quite well. 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re feeling happy and all is well. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Thanks, Robin. It’s so fulfilling to know the idea works. I’ll show these to other women who think they’re “past their prime” and see if they like them.
      I’m really happy, thanks!

  6. Some beautiful entropy going on with the flowers :)I think you know from my work how much I love flowers (in any state) as well. I just completed a three post series that features the color blue with flowers (it may be hard to find the flowers but they are there 🙂 Check it out.

    Glad you are feeling great with the summer coming and school winding down. Enjoy!! And keep taking and sharing your wonderful photos.


    • I do see the flowers! Your work is beautiful, a great combination of images, colors and words.
      Actually, in this hemisphere winter’s coming, but I’m finding out I like winter more than I though I did. College is, indeed, getting better, and my sanity’s slowly coming back.

  7. Great shots, it always amazes me how a couple of hours with my camera relaxes me..:-)

    • Thanks, Ed! I feel the same way, except that these past few weeks I’ve only felt tired, angry and frustrated, even about my photography. Good thing that’s over, because I thought I was going to lose it!

  8. You are right. Happiness can be found anywhere. We just have to be willing to look. Love the photos. 🙂

    • I keep telling myself that every day. Some days it’s harder than others, and sometimes I don’t believe it at all, but I guess that’s life, isn’t it? And photography is great proof that there’s plenty of happiness to be found in small things.
      Glad you like these!

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