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Celebrating life


I’m happy today. For no particular reason, I just had a good week, I got a lot of things done, my crocuses have leaves and my tulips are becoming real plants…there’s lots of good stuff going on. And there’s that feeling that something else has fallen into place in my life – I love that feeling.

Winter’s about to begin, and life is beautiful. Enjoy!


28 thoughts on “Celebrating life

  1. Love the lighting in these!

  2. I love the way the spouts have broken through the ground reaching out for the magic of life. Beautiful
    Astra Wally

  3. Love the light on these. Early morning? We’re headed to the dead of summer. 107 by Sunday. Blah!! Not much will grow when that happens. Beautiful shots, as always.

    • Yes, it wasn’t as early in the morning as I would have liked, but it wasn’t so late that they turned out horrible, either. Glad you like them!
      We’re headed for winter, and I keep wondering if the cold and frost will damage the plants. But if they’ve decided to grow now, I guess I should trust they know what they’re doing.
      I’m sorry you’ll have to bear the heat. I love mild weather, and can’t tolerate the melting summer sun.

  4. Very nice shots, it will be cool to see them when in bloom..:-)

    • Thanks, Ed! I plan to keep recording their growth in pictures, and I’m sure before I realize it they’ll be sprouting flower buds. And then I’ll just die of bliss :).

  5. Beautiful and glad you are happy. I love growing things – I talk to my plants, I care for them and love them. Daft I know. I love growing things. Can’t wait to see the photos of these when they are in full bloom!Something very nice to look forward to! 🙂

    • I’m particularly happy that these are growing so nicely because I’ve never managed to grow anything. I guess I should have gone for the more endurable plants before. I’ll be so happy this spring! :).

  6. Excellent shots. They rise to the occasion.

  7. I agree with Eden, the lighting works really well in these shots. There’s something about the light an the concept of new life that is perfect in this shot.

  8. Winter must be very different in Argentina than it is here… I take this kind of photo in the spring. I love new life… that is probably why you accomplished a lot this week! I hope your good life continues each and every day.

    • I’d love to read more about winter where you live. Is it very cold? Does it snow?
      We don’t have snow here, just southern wind that freezes even your hair. Sometimes we have frost in the early morning, but that’s just for a couple of months. And there’s always at least one plant that remains green in every garden. Can’t really complain, can I?
      Thanks for the well wishing!

  9. I really like these. We are in spring here, almost summer and today it is snowing hard. I think I would like your kind of winter. lol

    • I’m sorry to read that! I don’t think I’d be able to live in a place where it snowed even in spring, I’m too used to relatively mild weather. If it ever snows here it’s such a rare occasion that it appears on the news :).
      Glad you like the pics!

  10. Great time lapse!

    So, your tulips are blooming before winter starts? Mine don’t come up until after winter.

    • Yeah, I know, crazy plants. I’ve never grown tulips before, so I’ve no idea if this is their usual behavior in this latitude or if these are just as nuts as me :). But since my neighbor’s bulbs have fully grown leaves by now, I’m assuming these are just doing what they’re supposed to. I’ll be so happy when spring comes and they bloom!

  11. So tender and lovely!

  12. Yeah, the lighting is just perfect. Well done!

  13. Hey, though am not so interested in macro these days, this post amazes me.. earth and budding tulips.. great combination, light and colors..

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