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Chrysanthemums + african daisies + odds and ends


Quick, short and sweet post today. I have to teach a class next week as part of my residency, and write a paper for another subject, so I’m hectically busy. But I really love planning classes, choosing texts, activities, and wondering how it will all clash and merge with the added input of my fellow classmates who in this case are also the students I will be teaching. It’s so much fun, and we’re such a great group.

We had a wonderful class today where we sat on the floor, closed our eyes and listened to one of the girls tell us a story, or rather, act it out. It felt amazing, and then we discussed ways to teach literature to children and young teenagers, and how to teach other teachers to teach it. The general conclusion was that Shrek rocks. And he does, big time. I love Fiona :).

These are some shots that I took last week; now that I’m done with Saturday sunset shots I’m finally getting to edit and post them. All textures downloaded from Shadowhouse Creations, as usual. I posted different post-processing versions of a couple of shots again, because I’m terribly indecisive and can never pick which one I like best. Do tell me if repetition is boring, I’ll force myself to make up my mind.

I’m feeling rather dead beat, and my eyelids are dropping as I write, but at the same time I’m bursting with energy and enthusiasm. The universe should reward the few wonderful teachers I encountered during my college years for creating such rich learning environments and guiding us to become critical and creative teachers.


20 thoughts on “Chrysanthemums + african daisies + odds and ends

  1. Like you, I’m finding it difficult to pick a favorite. The purple ones are so vibrant and the single bud with textured like sun rays is gorgeous.

  2. These shots are amazing – especially the purple flowers! What lens did u use? Lately I feel like I have such a problem getting a good bokeh while getting the entire flower in focus

    • Thanks, Subha! I wish I’d used a lens. All my pictures are taken with my little Nikon L20 point-and-shoot, at least for now. I’m saving for my first DSLR, and hopefully I’ll get it next year.
      One of the best things about the L20 is that the autofocus always does what I want it to. That’s a good thing, since the camera doesn’t have manual focus.

  3. These are definitely some of your best pictures yet, what filters and textures are you using? They wor really well with these images, especially the purple and white flower. Beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks, Kieran! I didn’t use any filters, just textures I downloaded from Shadowhouse Creations (link is on the post). I have a few favorites that I always try first, but I’m always downloading and testing different ones. I love how a shot can completely change when I use a texture on it, especially when the texture brings out the real colors that I couldn’t quite capture with the camera.

  4. Stunning. Looking at these flowers has brighten my day. The violet/purple ones are so peacefully beautiful
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • Thanks, Astra! Beauty always brightens my days, that’s one the reasons I love photography so much! The chrysanthemums are my favorites from this post, because the texture I used on them made them look so ethereal and lovely.

  5. what is your dslr and lens?

    • My future DSLR will be a Nikon D90, and my future lens for flower shots will be a Nikkor 105mm f2.8 macro lens. In the meantime, my camera is a Nikon Coolpix L20 point-and-shoot called Rosaleah, who’s taught me that photography is all about persistence and practice. The equipment is circumstantial, depending on what you can afford at any given time.

      • a pat on the back for a job well done for you. your photographs looked like they have been taken by a dslr… 😀 i’m sure you’ll be taking more wonderful shots when you finally have your D90 and macro lens. 😀 keep it up!

  6. All just beautiful!! Love them!

  7. These are amazing…. Love the colours you’ve captured.. My favourite(s) are the 6th and 8th from the top.. I love the deeper colours and how it looks like it has horns… lol…

    • LOL, I thought the exact same thing when I saw the flower “it has horns!”, like some kind of ancient pagan god. I was lucky I got up early and went shooting, because as soon as the sun hit them, the petals opened and it looked like any other african daisy.
      Thanks for dropping by, and for liking my flower shots!

  8. simply superb! I dont know if its the textures or what..but you can almost feel the texture of the petals. Great work!

  9. Lovely African daisy shots!

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