My words and my pictures. All I have


Sunset silhouettes

Silhouettes from this Saturday. I didn’t get to see the sea this weekend, and I’m calm only because holy weeks’s ahead and this will be a super short week. I think from now on I’ll be scheduling my adventures for other days and never again miss my weekly sunset by the sea.

While I was shooting the rails, there were a group of guys filming something and wondering out loud if I was going to steal their project. I’ve no idea who they were, but they certainly were possessive on whatever they were creating. I’ve zero knowledge of filming, so they shouldn’t have bothered.

I’m lucky I’m still here sharing pictures with you, because I almost died last Saturday. I had my back on the road and was focused on the little wild flowers that survived being run over by our car, when some very sociable person drove by and honked at me. A very loud honk. I think I jumped a meter in the air, and I didn’t have a stroke because I’m a mildly healthy twenty-three-year-old. From now on, I’d rather be ignored.

I’m really happy with the quality of these shots. It’s something I hadn’t tried before, and my point-and-shoot did quite well. I adjusted contrast and saturation in Photoshop, et voilà. I have some more shots to edit and post. I hope you like these!