My words and my pictures. All I have


Orange and gold

This has definitely not been my week. I feel like I couldn’t get anything right, and nothing turned out the way I wanted. I know I have to get rid of all the negativity, so I’m taking it easy. I’m trying to read and crochet more, since I enjoy those activities and I find them very soothing. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with the daily posts, but I’ll certainly keep blogging, because I love it.

It rained all day yesterday and today, and having just recovered from my cold, I stayed inside. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be clearing, and I’ll go somewhere to shoot the sunset and relax some more. In the meantime, I edited some more shots from last Saturday to cheer myself up in the cold, damp weather. I just love this beach, and the way the sun bathed everything in orange and gold that day. Enjoy!