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Yachts and seagulls Vol. II

Well, here I am, after one long, stressful day. In the last post I said I’d tell you the story of why I go to the harbor so often. Actually, the pictures are from a yachting club that is sandwiched between factories and containers. It wasn’t always like that, tough. There was a time when it was larger and there were no ecological threats nearby. I pretty much grew up there, since that’s where my Dad keeps his yacht. I realized today that I haven’t taken any pictures from our Pollux, and I’ll remedy that as soon as I go back.

My Dad loves his yacht as much as I love my cameras, and it cost him just as much hard work as buying my first DSLR is costing me. He worked from age thirteen, and he saved every cent he could spare until he could finally buy the pieces for the yacht and put it together himself; he’s pretty much an autodidact naval architect. With a role model like that, I have no doubt I’ll have my own DSLR one day. I don’t think I’ve told him enough times how proud I am of him.

I’m so happy photography has turned into a way to combine our passions. I go with him to the harbor, he works on the yacht, I take pictures, and we share some father-daughter bonding time.

So, now you know. There are yet more pictures from Saturday, I’ll post them as soon as I can. For the time being, enjoy these! And thanks for commenting!