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Macro in the rain


The weather has finally reverted to “highly interesting”. It’s been a week of dull overcast days where everything was gray. No rain, no sunshine, not even cool clouds. Just plain gray.

But yesterday morning something happened at last. It rained hard and long enough for drops to collect on the plants, so I had the chance to test my new L20 in close-up mode. I’m astounded with the results. For some reason my L16 wouldn’t focus on the raindrops unless I zoomed in completely. The result was a small lens aperture (f/9.3) and a boring background. The L20 can focus without zooming in, which means the lens aperture remains large (f/3.1) and the background blurs in lovely ways. It even has bokeh! (Which is one of my photographical obsessions.) Go figure. Nikon is really superb if they can manage this in a point-and-shoot.

I have issues trying to capture the warm colors of the mistletoe leaves when there isn’t direct sunlight, but if this is the cost of all the aforementioned items, I’m willing to pay it.

I hope you like these as much as I do.


6 thoughts on “Macro in the rain

  1. Beautiful rain photos! Can I just spare you a bit of disappointment? When you get the Nikon DSLR, you’re not going to get macros easily with the kit lens unless you do very severe cropping. You will be able to get a macro effect when you get a longer telephoto, like 250mm. I discovered that those point-and-shoot cameras that we take for granted while lusting after our first DSLR usually have a lot more macro and zoom capabilities than we give them credit for. To get the same shots with a DSLR we have to spend a lot more $$$ on lenses! Anyway, good look. As for the warm colours of the mistletoe leaves, did you try setting your white balance to cloud or shade?

    • Thanks! Both for your kind words on my shots and for the piece of advice. I’m researching like a madwoman because my budget is limited and I want to get the best I can afford. I’m definitely adding the Nikon 105mm to my list of lenses I’ll hopefully buy at some point in my life. I’m quite an optimistic person right now, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get the Nikon 200mm. The cost is prohibitive.
      Can you adjust white balance while shooting in close-up scene mode? If it’s possible, I don’t know how to.
      Again, thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  2. I had a quick look at the L19/20 manual on the Nikon site. It looks like it should be possible if you use your macro mode button (button on back of camera with flower) and not macro scene (the preset). Another possibility is to try the Food Mode preset. That definitely allows white balance setting and it seems to be another macro mode.

    • I’ll be trying these as soon as I have a chance. The Food Mode is new and I’ve no idea what it’s about, so it’ll be a good chance to explore. I’ve never tried the other macro mode, either.
      Thanks for taking the time to look it up, I should have grabbed my manual and done the researching myself. Really, thanks a million.

  3. Lovely macros… the last one is very dreamy. I’m enjoying reading all of the helpful comments here. I’ve also been looking to buy a DSLR, but just can’t make the leap for some reason. Now I think I need to try an L20 while my G9 is being repaired. 🙂

    • I’ve already stated everything I don’t like so much about my L20 in my posts. That being said, I absolutely love it, and I’ll gladly shoot with it while I save up for the DSLR.
      Thanks for your words about my pics. I particularly like the L20’s Close-up Mode. Or, after Avital’s comments, the Food Mode. She’s saved a lot of pictures that would have turned out colorless hadn’t she suggested I try that. But the camera still rocks :).

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