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The stuff that dreams are made of


I’ve decided the next goal in my life is going to be… getting a DSLR. I bet you’d already guessed that.

Yeah, sure, I’ve got to get my graduate degree first, but since that’s pretty much a given (I’m graduating at the end of this year), I need fresh dreams.

I’ve been researching, and there is something that fits my needs and my budget:

Isn’t she a pretty baby?

And the kit comes with this lens:

which maybe isn’t the best one out there, but it can do landscapes and macro, so it’s going to do for as long as it takes me to save up enough for this one:

Or maybe this one:

It’ll cost an aye and a tooth, I know. But I couldn’t have picked a better moment to come up with this dream. I’m about to take up my first real job (teachers are mildly well-paid here in Argentina, although of course we should be paid twice or thrice as much, we ARE high school teachers, that’s a highly stressful and challenging job, even though it can be very rewarding, as well), and I’m still living with my parents, so I can save all the money I earn. And I’m twenty-three, full of energy and persistence. Hopefully, I’ll have the money in a year. It’d probably take me a decade if I had to pay rent, taxes, food, etc.

And to top off this most encouraging list, I’ve just inherited (or stolen, depending on your point of view, Obi-Wan would say, but let’s go with inherited) my father’s tripod. My father’s well-kept, sturdy, professional tripod. The man has secrets up his sleeves. This one in particular is a remnant of his photography period. Yes, people, it runs in the blood. But the love of my father’s life was not photography, it was yachting. So I get to keep his gear. Yay!

At least that’s one item I can cross off the list.


7 thoughts on “The stuff that dreams are made of

  1. This is a great camera!! Affordable and such a good quality… That’s the one i use ;O) i hope you get it!!

  2. I love my D90 and 18 – 200mm. I’ve had them for 3+ years now and they take great photos. I hope you end up with one. You have some nice shots on here, even without a DSLR. Thanks for the like on my blog!

    • Thanks! I’m learning to appreciate my point-and-shoot a lot more. There are things it can’t do, but there are a lot it can, and I can still improve myself taking pictures with it. When I finally get my DSLR, I’ll be ready for it.

  3. I was fortunate to be given a D3100 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses recently. There’s no way I could have afforded it. It replaced a mid 1980s Nikon F3P (built like a tank) and a 2001 Olympus C4040 digital compact (a surprisingly good camera).

    I love the D3100—okay, it’s an entry level dSLR but it’s superb—and I’m now trying to work out how I can afford a couple of prime lenses. I have considered selling the children…

    • LOL. I’d like to think there’s no need to go that far. I’m considering simpler methods. If I save at least $2 a day, in a year I’ll have $730. That’s quite a lot if you’re lucky enough to be saving dollars or euros. It’s all about positive thinking. If you believe you can do it, then you’ll make it. It’s also important to remember that one can do great things with the equipment one’s got now, or else we photographers would always be drooling over some other new piece of gear and we’d be permanently broke ;).

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