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Golden sunset over Monte Hermoso


Monday, at last. I know lots of people hate Mondays, but I had a week from hell, and when that happens Mondays feel like a gift, a blank canvas, the chance to turn things around. I’m lucky to able to post these photos today, since on Friday night my computer broke down and I thought I’d have to start editing them all over again. It was just a Windows XP glitch though, and it got fixed in a couple of hours on Saturday morning without any losses (other than those of my peace of mind and spirit, that is.)
Not everything was bad about last week, though. I shot a couple of beautiful sunsets, celebrated the shelving of PIPA and SOPA, and discovered that my half-dead MP4 player is fully alive with my camera’s USB wire (you see where my head was last week for me to have made this rather odd discovery.)
Today I decided I’m starting this week off on the right foot, and to go with that statement here’s a load of beauty. I’m seriously considering moving to this small vacation city when I graduate. It’s photographer’s heaven, and I can teach literature anywhere. Winters will be frosty, though. Brrr.
I hope you like these photos, since there are many more to come from this short vacation :).


40 thoughts on “Golden sunset over Monte Hermoso

  1. These are breathtakingly beautiful, and peaceful too. Great photography – Loved all of them! 🙂

  2. Glad for your wonderful blog. Monte Hermoso one of the few places in the Argentine Atlantic where you can watch beautiful sunsets, you could pick your dream shot. A pleasure to follow.

    • Monte Hermoso is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in Argentina. Not only can you watch the sun set over the sea, you can also watch it rise. I have to go there more often!
      Thank you for stopping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed my blog :).

  3. Gorgeous sunset. Well captured.

  4. Amazing shots…love the silhouetted couple walking, it looks so peaceful.

  5. More gorgeous sunset shots 🙂 My fav is the one of the couple, so sweet!

  6. I especially love the one of the couple walking along the edge of the water and their reflection. Nice shots!

  7. These are beautiful Belen !!

  8. Fantastic Belen! These are so gorgeous.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Glad that the computer problem was just a glitch 🙂

  10. Incredibly beautiful! Fantastic colors and light.

  11. Belen, what a positive outlook you have for Mondays! It seems like you are studying to be a teacher. Your future students are going to be very fortunate to have a wonderful teacher as yourself, that sees beauty in the world, and has such a positive disposition for a Monday morning : )
    The picture with the couple is a great shot!

    • Not every Monday is like this one, but I’m not usually one of those people that feel bummed on Sundays. I guess after horrible Mondays during high school every other Monday feels like a party :D.
      I hope my students agree with you, Nareen. If I can teach them to love the world and its beauty at least a little bit, I’ll love Mondays for the rest of my life :).

  12. Wow…These pictures are breathtaking !

  13. So wish I was there right now!!

  14. What stunning colours… Beautiful shots indeed..

  15. LOVE the 3rd one, so peaceful and inspiring!!

    • I love that one, too! I’m glad this couple decided to keep walking when they spotted me and the camera – so many people run away in terror, and I would have missed one of my best shots ever!

  16. The third photo is really beautiful!

  17. Wow….this must be what heaven is like….seeing these brings about such overwhelming emotions….it is magical how you capture it so gracefully. Not sure if you noticed or not, and no I am not weirdly superstitious or anything, but I thought it was a lovely irony that on the very last photo, the sun’s reflection in the water somewhat resembles the shape of a cross….just my observation. Stunning job, Belen…. I love everyone of them, and can’t wait to see what images you capture next….thanks so much for sharing them all.
    with love

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