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The first sunset


What a beautiful summer we’re having! Mornings and evenings are colored in glorious pinks, golds and blues, afternoons can be spent napping under the sun by the pool, nights are perfect for editing the photos I take during the rest of the day, and colder days are great for catching up with the sleep I don’t get during all the other days :). Besides, I love wearing sundresses! If I had a say in it, it would always be summer.
Today I had the chance to shoot a most spectacular sunset while some friends of my father took their old-new sailboat for a test sail to see if it floated (last week it didn’t, and I had a great laugh because I didn’t have time to go get the camera when they were already dragging it ashore). Boy did it float this time! It also looked stunning in the photos, so fast and sleek. I’ll get to those shots eventually; these however are from a few days ago, one of the first sunsets I shot with the new camera. You should see the smile I’ve been wearing lately. I love my Nikon D90!
And, even though I forgot twice before, I want to give a big thank you to everyone: artismysanity has reached 300 followers! Wow! It’s so awesome being able to share my beloved work with all you wonderful readers!


57 thoughts on “The first sunset

  1. I just want to say I think your photography is stunning! I love sunsets too – I was brought up near the sea, and loved watching the sun set over the peninsula across the bay. I miss them now I live in a town, but your photos remind me of that lovely warmth 🙂

    Good luck with your new camera in 2012! 🙂

  2. Really awesome colors, great job 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photos! Congratulations on your new camera and reaching 300. What a great way to start the New Year!!

  4. Beautiful photos! The framing is nice, and exposure is bang-on! 513, with the boat on the right side, is my favourite, but they’re all wonderful! Great work!

    • Thanks, Steve! I had a lot fun playing with my Nikkor 18-105mm and seeing the same landscape look so different and different focal lengths. When I went wide the world looked sooo big, LOL. Those boats are one of the favorite local features, they’re literally part of the landscape. Glad you enjoyed these!

  5. Summer and sundresses sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing your warm images. It is brrrrrrrr cold and very windy here.

    • Glad I brought you some warmth on a cold day! On frosty winter days I picture the beach, me in a bikini and a sundress, a beautiful sunset and my camera, and even if I don’t feel warmer, at least I feel more cheerful :).

  6. Glorious shots! A lovely sight, considering it is grey, cold, and snowing here 🙂

  7. they are outstanding photo’s … jealous 😉

  8. They are all beautiful Belen – pure gold!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Great pics!

  10. Posts like this make it tough to be from the northern hemisphere. Very jealous, great photographs.

  11. Truly beautiful and a sight to behold.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  12. Great shots. Love the sunsets on the water. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Ahhh … sunsets and sunrises…love them both. And the seem to be different in other parts of the world… go figure!!! 🙂

    • They’re different every day at the same location, so I imagine they are very different in other parts of the world – which is why I want to travel to and shoot in lots of places :).

  14. They all are stunning, but the fist one took my breath away!

  15. Pic # 4 is an excellent composition.

    Have fun with your Nikon.

  16. Stunning photos Belen and congrats on 300 followers!!!

  17. Wow! These are amazing, Belen. Stunning. 🙂

  18. Wow these images are gorgeous!!! Dang girl, your photographs are gaining so much in strength.. GREAT work!!!

  19. so beautiful!! well done!!

  20. Glorious sunset! I can’t wait for summer!! 🙂

  21. wow wow wow! Stunning!

  22. Great shots, the 4th one down with the boat is the best of the lot..:-))

  23. These photos capture such awe and beauty that it makes my spirit soar…..I almost feel like I am there! Thanks for bringing joy by sharing the life that is around you.
    much love,

  24. These are all awesome shots Belen! I know how you feel, I didn’t stop smiling for weeks after I got my SLR, it still makes me happy to see it sitting on the shelf. Congrats on the 300 followers, impressive!

    • Thanks, Kieran! I still want to achieve the soft water effect your photos have. Any tips you can give me?
      The three things that I love most in the world are my two cats and my camera :). I feel like dancing when I think about the photos I’ve taken and the ones I’m going to take. And when I carry her around in the car I even strap the seatbelt throw the handle of bag, I’m that crazy :P.

  25. Excellent!! It looks like you are having no trouble getting used to the new camera.

  26. BTW, #’s 1 and 4 are my favorites. Very nicely done.

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