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The letter “A” and a couple of lists


I’ve been taking pictures every day for the past few days, something I hadn’t done in months. It feels good to remember why I love photography so much, to be out in the yard and notice a blossom or a ray of sunlight or an array of drops on a leaf. I also decided to start a 52 weeks project this year in Flickr (I started last year but gave up around June), hoping that now that I have my D90 I’ll be able to come up with subjects even during the bleak winter months. First theme was “The letter A”, and after some brainstorming I remembered my stone collection, which features two amethysts and an ametrine. The ametrine is polished, so it won the contest and here’s the shot, along with a couple others that I like.

After reading Naomi’s “I did” post at Poetic Aperture, I decided to do my own lists, one for my 2011 achievements, and another one for my 2012 goals. I enjoyed the process, it helped me realized that in spite of everything that happened last year (or maybe because of it) I grew a lot in the last twelve months.

2011 Achievements

– Found my passion in life

– Started enjoying college again

– Taught a class for 3 ½ months and enjoyed it

– Started a blog and kept blogging all year

– Kept my 2011 resolutions until about June (and took up where I left off for the last few months of 2011)

– Started therapy

– Worked on improving my temper

– Saved up for a macro lens (almost there, yay!)

– Adopted a stray kitty

– Started socializing more (meet me, the hermit)

– Improved my photography

– Resolved to start being more positive

2012 Goals

– Be more positive

– Enjoy life

– Take lots of pictures

– Be constantly creative – it makes me feel better than anything else

– Continue improving myself

– Make an effort to meet new people

– Complain less, do more

– Go on vacation alone (if and when I have the $$$)

– Have more energy

– Learn about how to improve my health

– Practice patience


57 thoughts on “The letter “A” and a couple of lists

  1. I love the detail on each shot and the first one of course is my favorite both for setting, color and lighting, great work and keep doing what you like most to do. I wonder sometimes, what my life would had been like if I done what I wanted to and not what survival asked of me…. Luc

    • Thank you, Luc! The definition in this camera is amazing.
      All my life I’ve done what survival asked of me, until I started taking pictures and dreaming of a D90. Now that I have the D90, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe there are other possibilities – maybe I can start dreaming bigger and make those dreams come true, too. I guess I’m starting to believe anything is possible.

  2. Lovely photos. Nice colors and bokeh. Your main subjects stand out nicely.

    I need to try to socialise more as well i think. Any tips from your achievements?

    • Thank you! I’m loving the DOF I can get with this lens.
      Last year I just decided to be myself, do what I loved, and dream. I think I started believing that if I wanted something I could make it happen, and that’s how I achieved anything I achieved last year. Mostly by shutting up the nagging voice that tells me “you can’t do this”, and just doing it.

  3. Love your amethyst sitting on wood Belen.

    I’m a fellow hermit, and the older I get the more ‘hermitized’ I become. I no longer think it’s a negative thing, I’ve come to realise it’s just natural to me. I think positively and say it’s not because I don’t like people, it’s because I do love peace, silence and solitude. The worse thing you can do is try to bend yourself into something you’re not. You’re a wonderful hermit – and it shows through in your pictures!

    • Thanks, Jude!
      I don’t believe being in trying to become someone I’m not, either, but you know what they say – if you don’t bend, you break, and if you bend too much, you break too. I’m never going to be a social butterfly (because I don’t want to), but I’d gotten to the point where being a hermit was making me miserable, so I’m going for that middle ground where I have a choice to be alone when I want to (alone always means with my camera and my books), and hang out with a friend when I’m in the mood for company. I guess it’s about being able to choose and not having no choice.
      I really enjoyed your comment, so please come back anytime you want!

  4. Great lists 🙂 I am glad you gave the challenge another chance! There should be one more thing on your list: ‘never give up’! 😀 The pictures are amazing! 🙂

  5. The “I did” list is something I should incorporate into me DAILY life. Wishing you a creative year with your D90 🙂

    • I think we should all incorporate it into our daily lives. Maybe making a list of everything we accomplished and reading it before we go to bed would inspire us to accomplish even more the next day :).

  6. Beautiful photos, great accomplishments, and wonderful goals. Congrats!!

  7. I love that third photo and the detailed texture (or textured detail?). Great job on your list! You are quite accomplished after all, eh? I love your goals too. Happy new year!
    Thanks also for adding me to your blogroll. 🙂

    • Thanks, Naomi. I’m happy with how full last year was, and I expect even more from this one.
      I love the detail, too, and the DOF, and just about everything I can do with the new camera :).

  8. Lovely bokeh in that top shot 🙂

  9. Super photos Belen…keep up the great work…you have a good eye!!!

  10. Great photos!! I like the bottom flower, such a clean and crisp image with a nice background. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

    • Thanks, Steve! Getting a decent shot of these flowers where everything was properly focused was unexpectedly hard, so I’m quite happy with how this photo turned out. Glad you like it, too :).

  11. Beautiful photos, Belen! Loving the brokeh and composition.
    I just recently joined the weekly photo challenge, and I’m quite excited!

  12. Love your pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Lovely images, all the best for 2012

  14. Love the detail in the 3rd shot!

  15. Wonderful shots – love the amethyst in the nature setting in the first shot.

  16. Fantastic, I love the first image, well done!

  17. Hi, thank you for liking my 85/85 project. I have taken a brief look at your pictures and found some marvelous beauties around. One remark however. I think you pictures would benefit a subtler frame and signature. Imo it takes too much attention, which should go to the picture itself instead.
    Great work otherwise, thumbs-up!

    • Thank you for stopping by! I agree with you about the frame and the signature, that’s why I stopped adding the first and changed the latter in my most recent posts. Thanks for the input :).

  18. Beautiful photos and I love your goals for the year! Most of them are mine as well!

  19. Love the idea of your list, and the Amethyst! What a cool idea! Also, congrats on your past year’s accomplishments and this year’s goals. I have faith in you that you’ll achieve them all. Great post!

    • Thanks, Judy! Faith is a huge part of accomplishing our goals – if we don’t believe in them and in ourselves, we’re not going to get too far. So thanks for having faith in me!

  20. Amazing shots! I love the tiny, fragile flower in the center photo, but then I love small, dainty things. Your photos are so natural and earthy – my favorite things. You have accomplished many great tasks in 2011. Good luck on tackling all those 2012 goals. I know you can do it. And like Jude said, being antisocial or a hermit is not necessaily a bad thing. Better to have one good friend that you can possibly trust, than a bunch of people you call friends that you can’t trust. Thanks for the ideas for the goals. You have some great ones. And thanks for the ‘Like’.

    • Thank you! That’s my favorite shot of the three. I love nature, so I tend to gravitate towards this kind of subjects. And your gravatar shows that you like small things :).
      I agree with you about having one good friend and not a bunch of so-called friends, that’s exactly what I’m going for :).

  21. Gorgeous images, I love the blog. Very nice.

  22. Great post! I too have been shooting daily for the last week and it does feel great to get back to that passion. Once you find that passion it changes your life. You look at the world a whole new way. Good luck on your 52 week challenge! I decided to do a 365 and so far so good (though I am behind on posting them).

    • I know exactly what you mean, Matthew. My life changed completely since I picked up a camera for the first time, and it keeps changing. I don’t think photography is ever going to stop transforming me.
      I wish you luck and inspiration with the 365 project (366 this year)!

  23. Beautiful shots..:-))

  24. Love your resolutions and the creative pics… keep it up.

  25. I love these pictures! You did a fantastic job capturing the beauty of your subjects. How wonderful that you have been able to take more photos lately! That must feel really nice to get back in the throes of doing what you love to do. That sense of contentment and accomplishment at the end of the day is priceless. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos! Blessings, Celeste. 🙂

    • Thank you, Celeste! Living for photography is the best way of living, in my opinion. I go to bed exhausted but happier than ever :).
      Thanks for appreciating my work, that’s a very important part of the process – as an artist like you must know :).

  26. Very VERY proud of you!!!! And beautiful pictures.. you have improved your art even more than you imagine 🙂

  27. Wonderful capture! The first image is just lovely.

  28. Very very interesting,,, I love all the pictures in this post…. stunning…

  29. I can relate to those lists from both 2011 and into 2012. Once one feels better about oneself, it is amazing what you can achieve.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

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