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Have an awesome 2012!


It’s been almost a year since I discovered photography and created this blog. It’s been a year since I decided to turn my life around and enjoy everything I did. It’s been quite an eventful year, and there were some totally unexpected bumps on the road that knocked the air out of me, but I’ve made it. And what’s more, I believe I’m a better person than I was twelve months ago, even if only because I’m aware of the things I need to change in my life. My New Year proposition is going to be “focusing on the bright side”. I have a hard time convincing myself that whether the glass is half full or half empty really depends on perception, on the way we choose to see it. But I have so many awesome things in my life, I feel ungrateful when I don’t appreciate them.

And of course, there’s NO WAY 2012 isn’t going to be the best year ever, since it’s starting off like this:

What do you know? Freedom’s finally here! She arrived this afternoon, after two excruciating weeks of waiting for her. I’ve finally gotten to shoot some photos that I’ve wanted to do for a year, like this one. These are actually three shots combined, because there just weren’t enough lights on the tree (and we would probably set it on fire if we added any more, LOL.)

Have an awesome start to your year, and may it be filled with joy, peace, love, health and dreams come true :).


50 thoughts on “Have an awesome 2012!

  1. Hope it all happens for you!

  2. awesome ! congratulations 🙂

  3. Great way to end 2011 and start 2012 for you! Have a great year with your new toy! 🙂

  4. Hey, enjoy yourself!

  5. Congrats on your new baby and Happy New Year!! Enjoy!

  6. That sounds like a great new year’s resolution 🙂 I hope that you have a great one!

  7. Happy New Year – enjoy the new toy!

  8. Great camera and picture. It sounds like you are on the right path. Thank you for sharing all the great pictures and as I always say: Celebrate the sunrise, Toast the sunset and Enjoy everything in between!

  9. Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! 😀

  10. We are all on this road together, really! Between us all, I think we can make 2012 a great year.

    Love that camera… enjoy!

  11. Have a blessed and Happy New Year!

  12. Awesome way to start 2012. Happy New Year, Belen. 🙂

  13. Great looking camera! Go Nikon! Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true…

  14. Whole new levels of light! Happy New Year Belen! I look forward to enjoying your art in 2012.

  15. And a Very Happy New Year to you! I look forward to witnessing your Freedom adventures in 2012!

  16. Wow – a fabulous new camera! What a great start to the year…

  17. Happy New Year and all the best!!!

  18. Congrats on your new camera! Hope you learn to master it in 2012. 😉

    • Thanks, Derrick! I’m taking baby steps with the manual and shooting lots and lots of pictures, I think that’s the best way to learn. And of course, I’m enjoying the journey like crazy :).

  19. My expectations are high for you with a camera like that. My father once told me ” You are not judged by how much money you have but by how you handle the hard times” Hers to a happy 2012!!!!

    • Thank you, Mike! I agree with your father. This has been a hard year, and yet it’s been the best so far, and I think I’m enjoying learning how to handle everything life throws at me.
      Have a wonderful 2012!

  20. Love your positive outlook! I too am striving to be a little happier and a little more grateful! Happy New Year

    • It’s a hard struggle to change deeply rooted habits, but in the end it’s for our own benefit, so I know it has to be worth the effort. Good luck, and have a wonderful year :).

  21. Welcome to team Nikon!!!! Cool pic and I wish you all the best for 2012..:-)))

  22. Congrats on the new gear!!! 🙂

  23. I don’t know the details of your life of course, but I do find your words at the top of this post very moving – I hope very much that you continue to focus on the bright side. You say that all you have are your words and your pictures – I feel that way too sometimes >>> and your words and your pictures are very good, so its not a little that you have!

    Finally, if you’ve chosen a Nikon to accompany you on your journey, I can only say that you’ve chosen extremely wisely – but then I’m extremely biassed!!!

    Take care – and I hope that 2012 brings many good things for you. Adrian

    • Since I started this blog I’ve come to believe the world is a wonderful place filled with everyday magic details, but I’m still convinced that deep down what really matters to me are my words and my pictures, and working on improving them makes me feel like nothing else.
      I’m extremely biased where it comes to Nikon, too :). When it came to choosing a DSLR I did a thorough online research, but deep down I always knew I wanted a D90. I’m team Nikon for good.
      Same for you, Adrian, I hope you have a great 2012 :).

  24. Happy New Year!!!! I am sure it will be fab!!!!! 😀

  25. A great camera an even better attitude how can you not win?

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