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Reaching for the pot of gold


It feels great to have some time for the blog at last! I’m going through that part of the semester when all the partials pile up, and I’ve been pulling all-nighters and then dreaming about the stuff I studied. The upside is on Tuesday night, after all my partials are done, the whole class is having a party to celebrate the end of our practice. It’s a costume party, and we have to dress up as something related to the subject we taught. I’m going as an alien, and I will never, ever post any photos ;). I’m looking forward to some relaxing, since afterwards I’ll have to start writing papers and reading for finals. I won’t be off until January this year, but I don’t mind because I’m graduating on February!

I’ve been blessed with some breathtaking sunsets lately (I think it’s the universe’s way of patting me on the back.) Hope you enjoy the photos!


31 thoughts on “Reaching for the pot of gold

  1. Such beautiful pictures! Love the gold colour in them, so beautiful! Good luck with your studies and I am sure you will do well! 😀

  2. Beautiful pics from a beautiful place.

  3. Breath taking. Keep them coming as much as your schedule allows.

  4. As I think I wrote before, I think we have the same taste in Photography 🙂 So great pictures and full of life!

  5. Breath-takingly beautiful! You’ve captures the scenes very nicely, with some great silhouettes and lots of colour. Kudos to you!! 🙂

  6. Very beautiful pictures…

  7. Truly amazing colors, great setting, makes you feel warm at last. Thank you for posting these shots. Luc

  8. That costume party sounds like it will be fun 🙂 That’s exciting that you will be graduating soon! Beautiful pictures as always! That sun is breathtaking and so peaceful to look at 🙂 Have a great one!


  9. Very beautiful and soothing photos–must’ve been a good feeling especially after partials! I remember those days!

  10. Gorgeous captures 🙂 Good luck with your finals!

  11. Fabulous gold sunsets – and that lovely purple sky!

  12. Hi..
    Thanks for the “Like”. =)
    I love the away you take photos!! Looks like you like take photos to landscape and flowers!! And less to people!! If it is, its the same with me! =)

    • Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed my work :). Yes, I’m more into landscape and close-up photography than into portrait photography, maybe because my point-and-shoot is no good at shooting people, or maybe because it’s just not my thing. I guess I’ll know for sure when I get my DSLR :).

      • Yeah.. I know what you mean!! I try to shoot people, but when I go check the photo, looks like I didn’t like it, maybe because the way I did it.. I don’t know. And then the people that I was shooting, say “I don’t like it.” or something like that. So when I’m shooting landscape or close-up, I don’t get back by critics!! XD
        Well, I already do a amazing job with a normal camera, so when you get your DSLR, you gonna love it.. Its amazing, the thing you can do it, with them. You got buy one, serially.. =)
        Check my real page, where I put all the photos that I take and love it.

        See you, around!! =)

  13. These are beautiful images! I especially like the silhouettes that make these extremely interesting shots. The gold tones give the mpression that these were taken on a warm summer evening. Very nice!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like my work :). These shots were taken on a warm spring evening, but with the temperatures we’re having lately there isn’t too big difference between spring and summer.

  14. Beautiful sunset shots. Exposing the pot of gold correctly is difficult and you’ve handled these well.

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