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The beauty of now


now is a ship

which captain am
sails out of sleep

steering for dream

– e. e. cummings

I’ve been reading cummings for one of the many papers I have to write, and I just loved this poem. It touches me at this moment in my life.

Things at the kitty front are going better. I can now let Mora and Robin be in the same room without fearing for their lives. They chase after each other and play in that feisty way cats play, and when the game gets too heated I call it off and send Mora back to my room, where she’s now living. Robin sulks a little when I take his play mate away, so I guess he’s finally accepting the idea of having a little sister :).

I’m enjoying this beautiful spring by spending time outside with the kittens, reading and tending the garden. I really love this time of year. And of course, on the weekends I get away to shoot my beloved sunsets. Hope you like the photos 🙂


66 thoughts on “The beauty of now

  1. One gorgeous image after the next, I love the crane silhouettes, just beautiful. I’m glad the kitties are getting along better!

  2. Enjoy the warmth of the time of year. Lovely photos as well.

  3. Really nice blues, reds, yellows and orange. I love the setting, it’s really calm, yet it makes you feel a bit sad and lonely. 10 out of 10, kudos. Luc

  4. Lovely photos, great banner and background as well

  5. I’m glad the kitty front is going well and they are starting to play together. I must say I am a bit jealous as Autumn has hit here and winter is not long off!I wish I was in summer again. These are beautiful sunsets. Such wonderful colours, Excellent!

  6. Lovely colors and compositions. The colors and distant sun in the second-last photo is just gorgeous!

  7. Great pics, very nice 🙂

  8. Hey, I love your pictures! Sunsets are fascinating!

  9. Beautiful images! Such vibrant colours, with really nice framing of the images. Sunset/sunrise is a magical time, and you’ve captured it very well! Cheers!

  10. Ah- enjoy the warmth of spring!

    As always, your photos are fabulous.

  11. Great shots, I really liked that first one best..:-)

  12. The verse and the images belong together. Great pairing!

    • Thanks! It’s hard not to find a poem by cummings that fits with the beauty I see when I’m shooting, and some of the most beautiful words in the world go well with some of the most beautiful scenes :). Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. The combination of blue, purple and orange in the next-to-the-last photograph is quite attractive.

  14. Fantastic colors, and a fitting quote from one of my favorite poets.

  15. Beautiful sunsets! One of my favorite times of day to try to capture in a photo… I also love cummings! Great post! 🙂

  16. You certainly have a wonderful series of images here. Well done Belin!!

  17. You take beautiful photographs, some of the best I’ve seen, so I thought of you when I was nominated for the versatile blogger award and asked to pass it along to some of my favorite bloggers. you can check it out here:

  18. The colors in the first picture are amazing! you really capture a unique moment in the sunset cycle. It so soft and subdued.

  19. Beautiful. And totally love with the title. 🙂

  20. These photos have calming effect on me. I particularly like the 2nd and 4th shots. Every time I witness ones in actuality, wherever I may be, I literally have to take hold of myself.

    They carry me away. 🙂

  21. Nice set of pictures – the one before last is my favourite. Adrian

  22. This is soooo beautiful! I love sunsets! Amazing shots! 🙂

  23. mm, I’m jelaous you have such amazing sunsets in your place :)) Fantastic views!

  24. Perfect intro from e.e. to send us out on the twilight sea. The first shot of the darkened ship pointed toward all the purple possibility of water and sky is wonderful. Nicely done Belen.

  25. Great shots! I like them all..especially the first one.. Amazing! 🙂

  26. Very nice shots, I really enjoy the vibrant colors in the next to last shot in the clouds and reflected onto the water. I’m glad I stopped by.

  27. Wooooooooooooow what a lovely inspiring pictures ❤

  28. Love number 1 & 8… breathtaking!

  29. Great shots! Sunsets always leave me in awe

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