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One year later


If anyone had told me a year ago that so many things could happen to a person in 365 days, I would have told them that person could never be me. And yet it is. Here I am, one year older, and my life has changed so much that it’s hard to believe. Not everything that happened was good, but I’ve grown a lot and learnt a lot and so far I’ve been able to handle everything.

I’m not a fan of birthdays, but this year I can look back and feel really happy for the last twelve months I was granted. Life has been beautiful, and I intend to make it even better.

These are the last of my “watercolor” shots and some from last week. Sunsets are very strange these days, thanks to the ash. Hope you like the photos 🙂


63 thoughts on “One year later

  1. What stunning and magical shots!

  2. Your photos are incredible…soft and almost mystical. I feel the quiet wrapping around me.

  3. Nice shots, and happy birthday 🙂

  4. These shots are so calming! Well done; I think you’ve definitely achieved the painting effect. The muted colours seem to fit these images. Cheers! And Happy Birthday!

  5. So peaceful and serene, with lovely composition. Happy Birthday!


  7. Happy birthday! It’s lovely to hear you are entering the year ahead with a heart full of hope. The pictures are beautiful.

  8. You have captured wonderful moods with these photos! Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. Beautiful shots as always & Happy Birthday. I have started another blog for my learning of photography & trying to get as good as you. Come by & see what you think. It’s the O’Briens Pix listed in my blog roll.

  10. Beautiful, the sailboat straight on is my favourite!!

  11. Great shots!! They all have such a calming mood 😀

  12. Really like the first sailing boat picture where it seems like you are abandoning some of the basics in photo (like the rule of thirds and so on), and end up with an even better result! Great photo!

    • Most of the time I just look at the subject and frame it the way it looks best to me. I do remember now and then the rule of thirds, but since this is a passion and not a job, I just go with my gut. I love photography!

  13. So ethereal – like sailing in a dream. Happy birthday!

  14. These are lovely photos that I never would have thought to capture. Thank you for letting me look at the world in a beautiful new way.

    • Thanks, Anthony! I was lucky that it was a warm afternoon and I decided to study by the sea, otherwise I would have missed most of these shots. Plus there’s the whole ash situation which keeps getting worse but is also nice for shooting sunsets. I guess circumstance is everything in photography.
      Thank you for letting me have a look at all the lovely autumn hues that we don’t get here 🙂

  15. Wonderful pictures – from the top my favourites are 5, 6 and the last one – I very much like the extremely subdued palette of colours in these – very much like paintings. Excellent! Adrian

  16. Happy Birthday, Belen. As always, your photos are beautiful. 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday and congrats. Your work is beautiful and these shots are another great example of your talent. Long may it continue…

  18. Haunting and graceful, a strange and lovely peace pervades. Nicely done.

  19. Your photos are stunning. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Belen! (I know I’m late. That just means you’ll have to celebrate again.)

  20. Happy Birthday Belen. I loved the photos, specifically the ones of the lone ship. I think they are very good candidates to be printed out and hung on the walls. Are they really a photograph for a moment i thought these were paintings.

    • Thank you! I’d love to print them if the image quality was good enough for a large size. But I’ll get a DSLR eventually and then I’ll decorate my house with my own shots 🙂
      These are photographs alright, I wish I could paint but I can’t even draw a house 😛

      • Ok so if these are photographs..they are very good ! Forget DSLR, which I am sure you will make good use of later, this by itself is a good candidate. I would think even at your current resolution you might have something worth hanging, so give it a try, it doesnt have to be huge print 🙂

  21. beautiful shots
    I like boats

  22. Love those images of the solo sailboat. Very magical light.

  23. Nice sunsets but I just love the lonely sailingboat above. Well done !

  24. Belated birthday wishes!! I love love love these shots.

    May your new year be filled with magical sunrises & sunsets, sunshine smiles and lots of happiness x

  25. I especially love the first sailboat shot (close up) with the long refection in the water.

  26. I just love these pictures… wish I could take something like this… 😦

  27. Love, love, love the solitary sailboat!

  28. I love the photos of the sailboat! The simplicity is very beautiful.

  29. Nice shots. Moody with a monochromatic tone. I love the sailboat photo’s too. Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog – much appreciated. I look forward to seeing some more of your posts.

    • Thank you! Every time I look at these photos I fall a little more in love with the atmosphere and the colors. I’m so happy I was lucky enough to be there with my camera.
      Thank you for stopping by, and come back any time you want!

  30. The solo sail-boat shots are incredible…absolutely incredible!

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