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Red tulip


Sunday was the Argentinean Mother’s Day. For whatever unfathomable reason, the universe decided that on that day I should become mother to a second adorable kitten. If you’ve been following my blog you already know about my unruly gray male cat Robin, who’s about a year and a half. On Sunday morning my Dad let him out and seconds later had to intervene in a heated fight between Robin and a stray black kitten half his size and over half his age.

Somewhere in the next twenty-four hours we went from all-out war to siblings, and Mora has become the newest family member and the loveliest mother’s day gift. At first my parents were reluctant to let me keep her, and they had actually set out to drive her to my aunt’s who is looking for a female cat when (they told me) she looked at my mother and meowed, inspiring them to return.

If any of you have ever brought a second cat into your home, I’ll welcome any advice or tip you can share. I’m currently keeping Mora in the laundry room (when she’s not asleep on my lap), since a couple of articles I read said to keep the new cat isolated and slowly let them get used to each other’s scent and presence. So far there’s been a lot of staring and hissing.

I’ve been trying to get these shots edited and this post up for a week, but as you can see things haven’t stopped happening. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who read this blog, and I hope you like the flowers :).


34 thoughts on “Red tulip

  1. In one way they look waxed but in another way they radiate an aliveness indicative of the animal kingdom, not the plant kingdom.

  2. Amazing shots! You’ve done a great job with the colours and the depth of field. The flowers just pop off the screen! Cheers!

  3. As we are deep into fall you are alive with spring. My favorite time of year. To view things close-up is one of my passions as we rarely get a chance to see the beauty and detail clearly. These photo’s keep my faith that Spring will return as the floral world dies around me.

    I have had many cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and fish around, along with kids and other living organisms and somehow, with a little patience and direction they all seem to get along. You seem like the kind of person that will provide the incentive for peace in the brood.

    • Spring is my favorite season, too, and when I missed it and was sad because the brown months were ahead, looking at beautiful shots in other people’s blogs was enough to cheer me up, so I’m glad to spread some color and beauty now.
      My cats seem to be at least tolerating each other a little, but they still want to pick up a fight every time they’re close. I hope time will help.

  4. Gorgeous photos, I love the vibrant colors in your work. Cats throw quite the fit when they first meet…and then one day you walk in and they’re snuggled together, and suddenly they’re friends for life. Just give it some time!

  5. Beautiful shots..:-)

  6. Such great pictures of a pretty flower.

  7. I’ve just been loving the tulips in Amsterdam – they are truly beautiful flowers, which you capture the magic of brilliantly.

  8. I am awaiting a killing frost due to arrive this weekend. The photographs are an extension of our memories. You have captured the beauty of Gaia in all her majesty in a singular blossom. Thank you.

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous. Happy Mother’s Day. And just let the kids work it out on their own. They will eventually learn to accept each other…

  10. I love tulips that are more than one color. Great job capturing their beauty!

  11. the colors are phenomenal…i hope the cats have adjusted well to each other 🙂

    • This tulip was a beauty and a lot of fun to shoot. The cats are slowly adjusting to the new situation. I hope eventually I’ll be able to leave them alone together without fearing the outcome.

  12. Thank you for liking my blog, made me happy 🙂 You take amazing picture! Sorry to read your mother is ill, I wish you all the best!!

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