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White, violet and gold


I’m officially back to my weekly sunset shootings, at least as often as the weather permits. I don’t know if it’s ash or what, but lately there’s a thick gray cloud on the horizon that never really goes away. I guess the spring winds and all the ash that fell this winter aren’t the best combination. They make for some pretty amazing skies sometimes, though. It’s like the sun has a permanent filter in front of it, and as you will see when I finally get to edit the pictures, when it’s not too thick it makes the sky look amazing.

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately. The coolest one is that I’m taking driving lessons. I’ve been putting it off since I was seventeen (gee, I feel old saying that), mostly because I’m a terrible klutz and driving is such a huge responsibility. But now that I’m graduating and I’ve only sketchy ideas of what I’m going to do with my life, I think it’s necessary. And while I have the chance, I want to say you people who drive automatic cars have it too easy. Try learning to drive a manual one. From scratch. Oh well, at least it’s fun, and since I went trough my first lesson without crashing, and I actually drove myself home (with help from my instructor, of course), I feel pretty accomplished, and I’m looking forward to my next lesson.

My mother’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. I’m not sure if the results will be immediate or we’ll have to wait, but we’ll finally know if this whole thing is over. I sure hope it is.

Sunset photos coming soon. For now, enjoy my crocuses :).


37 thoughts on “White, violet and gold

  1. Gorgeous light! Not to worry about the driving. I didn’t feel the need to get a license or a car until I was 22. But it is a good life skill, especially for traveling!

    • When I couldn’t go to the beach to shoot the sunset, I discovered I could shoot the sunset in different ways :).
      I think it’s actually better that I waited until now to get my license, the more mature the person behind the wheel, the better. I hope I will be traveling a lot once I get it!

  2. Beautiful pictures as usual & good for you on learning to drive on a stick shift. I think everybody should learn how. My wife can’t & sometimes she may really need to drive my truck & wouldn’t be able to.

  3. Here I am all caught up about heading into fall. And there you are welcoming spring. Thanks for reminding me to open up my perspective.

  4. Lovely light and all the best to your mother. And pleased to meet you! Terrill

  5. That is awesome that you are getting your license 🙂 I wish you the best of luck! I had to drive a manual once during my lessons. I got stuck on a hill, and kept stalling out 😛 needless to say, I wasn’t allowed to drive it again after that 😛 So I understand the difficulty. More power to you! 😀 Your photos are lovely as always 🙂


    • Thanks, Alli! Learning to drive is actually exciting! I’d thought I’d be terrified all the way, but I’m enjoying it :). Yesterday we practiced how to drive on a hill, and it wasn’t so hard, but I think I’ll pass from trying it again anytime soon. I like flat terrain!

  6. Beautiful compositions. Well done.

  7. Beautiful images yet again. I wish you, your family and your mother. I hope you get the results you want. Good luck with the driving lessons, I remember how daunting it can be but it gets good fun once you get going!!

  8. The real trick is starting out going uphill without rolling back 🙂
    Love your pictures! Have a Wonderful Day!!

  9. I love the way the shadows are cast in the series of pictures.

    • Glad you like the pictures! I discovered shooting flowers in the sunset light produces amazing results. Good thing because I’m not too fond of getting up early to shoot in the morning light 🙂

  10. Beautiful capture of the crocus. Your images make me wish for spring to arrive and yet fall has barely begun…

  11. Stunning photos. They look so regal and delicate at the same time. Congrats on the driving lessons. I had to learn on a manual car before I was allowed to drive an automatic too. I think it is important that a person leans how to operate a car manually. : )
    Hopefully all will go well with your mom’s surgery. Positive houghts for you and yours while you wait.

  12. Everyone has sunset pictures. Crocuses are more fun.

    I think learning to drive stick first is the way to go. Get it all learned right off the bat, and that way you won’t feel like you have to go through a whole later round of learning or being scared of a (dramatic music) Manual.

  13. These are beautiful.

  14. Beautiful images as always, Belen. I hope all has gone well with your mother. Good luck with your driving lessons!

  15. Beautiful photos! I’ve acutally “liked” before but had to go back and see them again 🙂

  16. Wonderful shots – such lovely light!

    I hope your mum is now recovering well from her surgery.

  17. Thanks, there’s a lovely reminder of spring in your pictures again. 🙂

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