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Overcast sunset


I jumped out of bed bright and early on Saturday (well, as bright and early as I ever will, at 9 am.) I’ve been struggling to reorganize my day since the winter holidays, and up until this weekend I found it so hard. Getting up early reminded me of why I love being up at nine, the special energy in the air, the light, the birds chirping. I missed it.

I’m afraid I’ve got bad news to share in this post. My mother’s biopsy didn’t turn out quite as we expected. One of the nodules in one of her breasts wasn’t good. We don’t know what this means, yet, since she’s had it for many years but only this year it started growing. It’s very probable that the doctors detected it and removed it on time, but we won’t know until further exams are done, including a CT scan and another surgery. My Mom and Dad are really depressed these days, and I’ve no idea what to do other than be here. I’m not sad, though. I have hope and faith that the exam results will show the worst was removed in the first surgery and she’s now doing ok.

Immersing myself in photography is my way of staying in touch with the good things that happen in the world every day. I finally found a chance to shoot a sunset again, after who knows how many months. It was specially beautiful, as if Nature was welcoming me back.

Thanks for being part of this blog that is so special to me. I love coming here. This is the second part of the shooting from this particular day (you can find the first shots on Golden ripples). Hope you like them!


86 thoughts on “Overcast sunset

  1. I am sorry to hear about you mother. I wish you and your family all the best. Have a lot of faith in the good and the beauty of life…all will be fine. And speaking of beauty, your return to sunsets are strikingly lovely and soothing as usual. I am sure, that for you a visit to the beach was rejuvernating and a needed process. Art heals and ignites our senses.

    • Thank you for your good wishes.
      I’ve been going to the beach and the harbor more often, and there are no words to describe the way I feel there. Art is my sanity, that’s pretty much it :).

  2. I think that with you being there is just what is needed, my hopes are with you and your family. I am glad you are still capturing the beauty in life and these pictures are. I always love your sunset work!much love

  3. Just being there and being supportive means a lot to your mother. I can sympathize having lost a treasured pet to cancer in July and having a sister who has battled it for over 13 years. Keep up your faith – my sister lives on due to new treatments and a doctor who won’t give up – he never brings bad news, only hope going forward, and this has made the difference.
    I am in awe of photo one, the clouds are magnificent!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s diagnosis. Hopefully, everything will work out, and she’s blessed to have you with her at this time. As usual, your sunset photos are stunning. I especially like second vertical shot. The repetitions and colors are simply breathtaking!

  5. Those are some wonderful shots Belen… So sorry to hear your news though..

  6. Find comfort in your hobby–photography. Your being there and exuding positive feelings will be good for the family. I could find comfort just looking at these photos. Take care.

  7. I love your sunset photos! Beautiful and peaceful!

  8. These are such lovely shots… I hope they comfort you as you find out more about your mother’s condition. So sorry to hear about her condition…

  9. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and I’m so glad that you did. I love your photographs … as you probably guessed I like photos and sunsets!!! I haven’t got around to reading your poems yet but look forward to that 🙂

    I’m a teacher too!!

    I read that your mother is recovering well from her operation and I wish her, and indeed you all, well and long may the recovery continue.

    Kind regards,

  10. Sry to hear about your mom. Hope all is alright. You’all will get through it.
    Love the 5th one down. The water is like diamonds.

  11. Beautiful captures! I hope the doctors got everything and you’ll be able to post some great news soon 🙂 Best of luck and keep on shooting!

  12. Beautiful images…wishing all the best to your mom. Hope that they take care of any remaining issues and she is on the road to a full recovery very soon!!

  13. First of all .. thanks for dropping by on my site .. we have a common liked “sunset” glad to see u there.

    And second thing sorry to hear about your mother .. all i can help is to pray! God is always good!

    Beautiful shots and the places is uncomparable .. keep shooting!

    Pinaybyaheras(FilipinaTraveler) 🙂

    • Thank you fo visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment :).
      This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I’m sure it’s always going to be my favorite no matter how many places I visit in my life.

  14. Beautiful captures, Belen. Photography helps me through the bad times too.

    I hope all goes well with your mother.

  15. I’m sorry to hear about your mom.

  16. So sorry to hear. Hope things go well for your mom. Love the ripples in the water! Lovely.

  17. Read about your mother. Sorry to hear that.

    The pictures are all beautiful! Seems like we’re appreciating the same kind of pictures. Looking forward to see more of these.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. I’m sorry to hear about your Mum, I’m sure everything will be OK though and it’s good that you have faith that things will turn out fine.

    The pictures are amazing as always, I’ve really missed your sunset shots Belen and I’m glad to have got back online in time for these ones. I think the first is my favourite, I’m a sucker for a sunset picture with an old boat in it! Glad to be part of the blog again too 🙂

    • Thanks, Kieran. I’ll have news about my mom soon, and I’ll let you all know how everything went.
      I’m glad to have you back commenting on my posts, and stay tunned for sunsets and boats because there are a lot of those coming in the near future!

  19. I hope all goes well with your mother’s health issues as well as with your parents dealing with it. Sometimes we just need to step back and revisit what we know helps us cope and that will help others more so than if we overthink things. Beautiful photos of the water…soothing is a great description.

  20. Hi Belen,
    Thanks for clicking the ‘like’ button on my blog – which enabled me to find yours. I just love your sunsets, so deep and gold and beautiful. Water is such a moody subject, and very healing.

    Hoping very much there is good news very soon about your Mum.


  21. absolutely divine, sunsets really bring out the best of the photographers.
    thanks for sharing.

  22. What a nice series of photos. The water color is one I don’t see too often, but love.

    • I haven’t seen many sunsets like this one myself, it was a really strange day, heavily overcast but with a relatively clear horizon. I’m just glad I was there to capture it 🙂

  23. Beautiful pictures. Love sunsets. Hang in there for your mom, I wish you the best.

  24. Gorgeous pictures, and I am glad that photograph and writing provide you with solace. I finally got the camera I wanted but never dreamed I’d be able to have a few weeks before my mom died, and lost much of my desire to take photographs in the months that followed – and when I did force myself to take some, I then couldn’t bring myself to look over them. I am slowly now finding I can start to get real pleasure from them again. Best of luck with your mom – I really hope she’s okay.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to lose a parent.
      I lost my joy in photography a few months ago myself after a friend died, but eventually I found it again by slowly getting out with the camera and focusing on the beauty of the world. Photography has a healing power for me, it makes me see the best even when I’m feeling my worst.
      I hope you find strength and happiness to go in life, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  25. Awesome pictures, I also like to take photos of sunsetting

  26. These are all beautiful, relaxing, and wonderful.

  27. I am saddened to hear about your mother, but I hope you find some peace in your artistry. You do such fine work.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. My mother’s path keeps being bumpy, but I do find comfort and calm in my work, in taking pictures, editing them and sharing them with all the beautiful people who read my blog :).

  28. Beautiful sunset photos. It was nice to view something warm and cozy on a cold and rainy day. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  29. Very pleasing series, well done. Simon (

  30. I can’t get over how beautiful the images in this post are; I hope your mom gets better and that both your mom and dad cheer up

  31. Amazing photos. Hope all goes well with your mother. All the best 🙂

  32. Wonderful pictures. You make me wanna live by the sea.

  33. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I am sure the fact that things are being caught early and addressed quickly will give her a good outcome! I hope you guys can share some special time together, take her mind off of things and feel better.

    On a different note – glad you are shooting the sunsets again – they are so beautiful. There is really something magical about the power of a sunset over water. So southing to the soul!

    All the best for your entire family – I know hard it can be! I have been in similar boats with my father – happy and healthy thoughts are coming your way!

    • Thanks for your kind comment and for the good wishes, Anita. We’re trying to deal with everything that’s happening the best way we can, and be brave for as long as it lasts.
      I’m glad you like my sunset shots, they’re one of the best things about my weeks 🙂

  34. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I find your photographs meditative. I love the ocean.

    Here’s hoping your mom gets well soon and that your optimism pays off. Your photographs would be healing for her.

  35. Fantastic photos! They certainly have a serene, calming effect. Wishing your mom all the best in health and happiness!

  36. Wonderful colors, lighting and setting. One can not ask for more I guess but a camera at the right time. My congrats to you and keep up the good work. Luc
    P.S. The first pic is my favorite 🙂

  37. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum, I hope she is ok.
    I have missed your blog so much! Your photos have just lifted my spirit, from a not particularly great day. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

    • I’m glad my photos brought you some happiness, your always make me smile :).
      My Mum’s coping, and it’s gonna be a while until it’s all over, but we’re trying to be patient and strong for her.
      I’m glad you’re back, Sam!

  38. wow brilliant pictures…. never thought i could see so much out of sunset,,, u have got real serious talent.. going to follow you,, what cam/lens do u use??

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