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Crocuses in the sunset light


I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately, and I’m happy about that. I really missed being out with my camera. I haven’t had a chance to go down to the beach to capture a sunset yet (stuff always seems to be getting on the way), but I don’t give up hope that it’ll happen soon.

Mostly I’ve been shooting the bulbs I planted this autumn, which have now turned into budding plants with lovely flowers. The crocuses aren’t flowering anymore, but I still had some shots that I hadn’t had time to go through. The tulips are blooming just now, and I’m thrilled. They’ve been my favorite flowers since I first saw one, in pictures. They’re not very common here, so growing tulips in my garden is an adventure for me.

I’ve also learnt a lesson from my bulbs, one that may seem obvious but comes at the best time possible to help me heal: bulbs may look ugly and not promising when you plant them under the soil, but eventually they become the loveliest flowers in the world. So even when the things that happen around us seem unnecessarily painful and ugly, I want to believe they’ll eventually evolve into something beautiful.

I hope you like these! There are more photos to come from my lovely plants!


34 thoughts on “Crocuses in the sunset light

  1. What wonderful light in these lovely shots.

  2. A great lesson to accompany simply beautiful shots!

  3. Those are some great shots. One regret from this summer is that I never took the opportunity to shoot a sunset while we were in Ocean City, MD. Now that I’m picking up the camera again after too long a hiatus, I am looking to make up for those lost opportunities.

    • Thanks! Sunsets are my favorite things in the world. I’m lucky enough to live close to the sea, and for many months this year I went down to the beach every week to shoot a sunset. I’m picking up now after a couple of months of hibernating, and I remember why I love it so much, so if you have a chance again, don’t miss it!

  4. Very pretty…after visiting my little brother a couple of weeks ago, can’t wait til April & I’m gonna try to plant a garden & grow my own peppers & stuff. He had a real nice one going. I really want to build some flower beds out front too. Great pictures.

    • Gardening is amazing! I was never attracted to it until I found photography. Since I love shooting plants I decided I needed more models, and then I realized planting them and tending to them myself was enjoyable too. I can’t wait until the prettier spring bloomers arrive at the nursery, and I’m planning to plant hyacinths and more tulips and crocuses next autumn. Enjoy your garden!

  5. Beautiful flowers and photos of them.

  6. These are really beautiful, Belen. The light is wonderful. 🙂

  7. Great shots, a true sign of spring..:-)

  8. I’m a really rubbish gardener, but isn’t it wonderful when you’ve planted something and it actually grows ! 😀

    • Tell me about it! I was particularly happy when my bulbs started growing because I’ve never really managed to keep a plant alive for more than a couple of months. But apparently bulbs are really low maintenance, they just need water and sunlight and voilà! Or maybe I’m really getting better at gardening…

  9. Beautiful photos as usual. Your words are even more so.

  10. oh my! Your shots are Wonderful!

  11. I recognize this light. It comes just before the sun sets. What lovely work you do.

  12. They are indeed beautiful flowers – they remind me of my Grandmother and of my childhood. I have never seen them hear in Australia, I think I may have to do some investigating and get a plant in your honour 🙂

    • Crocuses have come to mean to many things to me, I feel as if I’ve know them all my life, and in truth I only found out about them this year. Such lovely flowers, I could plant dozens of bulbs. Which reminds me, I have to dig up mine and put them away for the summer.

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