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Spring’s on the way!


I’m having a lovely time. And I still haven’t thanked my best friend for giving me the piece of advice that allowed me to leave my grief behind and move on, so I will dedicate this post to her. For always being there to listen to me and support me, wherever we are, and for putting up with my endless rants.

A few days ago I stepped out the door and almost got blown away. Here, that’s a lovely sing, because it marks the beginning of the warmer days and the imminent coming of spring. We have windy springs. Sometimes annoyingly windy (try snapping a picture of an iris when it’s being rocked in all directions), but nothing can take away the happiness that Spring brings with her. Spending time in the garden, feeling the warmth of the sun and the breeze on my skin, wearing lighter clothes … there’s a magical feeling about this season.

This time of healing is good for the soul. And enjoying life is such a great thing!


26 thoughts on “Spring’s on the way!

  1. It always cheers me up to read your posts and these are beautiful, such wonderful colours.

    • Thanks, Astra. I’m glad my posts cheer you up. This blog is a safe haven for me, a place where the good and the positive are always stroger than the negative, so it’s good to know it creates good ripples for others :).

  2. We are heading into Fall here on the east coast of America. Beautiful fall colors will soon be here, especially in the mountains where I live. Your beautiful photos of that one flower as reminded me of the Spring to come.

    • I hope I’ll see some beautiful fall colors in my favorite blogs soon. We don’t have a wide range of fall colors here, to it’s a joy to the eye. We do have beautiful spring colors, though, and I’m glad to share those!

  3. These are beautiful flowers and your words offer such hope.

  4. Like the ones with the shadows

  5. It seems so strange that you’re heading in to spring, just as we’re heading out of summer… Beautiful shots though regardless of the season… 🙂

  6. Hello spring for you and welcome to fall for us..:-)
    Great shots..:-)

  7. Lovely shots…such a sweet subject you’ve chosen. Enjoy Spring! It’s one of my two favorite seasons (Fall and Spring). A great time for renewal 🙂

    • Thanks, Gina! I love these flowers, they bloom all year long and they are really easy to photograph. Spring’s my favorite season, although I like summer too because it’s a time for freedom and long days at the beach 🙂

  8. It never dawned on me your seasons are backwards from ours. We’re on the cusp of fall….everywhere but here in the desert. Still in the 100s. Yuck! I’m so ready for cooler weather. Enjoy your spring! Hopefully it will help as you continue your journey of healing.


  9. I have missed your posts filled with beautiful pictures 🙂 This flower is so lovely 🙂 I’m not the best with flowers, but is it a gerbera daisy? Glad to see you back! 🙂


    • Thanks for the kind words, Alli. Knowing that people miss my posts makes me want to post more :).
      It’s actually a bunch of different flowers, although they’re all similar. They’re african daisies, I think gerberas are bigger.

  10. Spring – how wonderful for you. Such delightful pictures to celebrate with!

  11. Spring, spring, spring, spring ! 😀

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