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Positively beautiful


Frosty greeting, everyone! My cat Robin and I have spent the last few days trying to come up with new means of surviving the cold wave. I resent winter for the way it deceives us, dangling the promise of spring in front of our eyes only to snatch it away and leave us red-nosed. I’ve knitted all sorts of things to keep myself warm (leg warmers and turtle necks being my favorites), and my cat has found a dark, comfy spot inside my parents’ wardrobe (which, you can imagine, doesn’t make my parents very happy).

But being faithful to my commitment of focusing on the positive side of things, I’ll write them down and share them with you.

This week’s class with my kids led me to the beautiful realization that being a teacher is more than just about sharing whatever knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years with your students. It’s about bonding with them, too. As part of my residence one of my college teachers came to oversee my class last Wednesday, and the kids shifted into best behavior from the first minute. Not that they usually misbehave (you see, not all teenagers are monsters), but I didn’t see a cell phone or hear any music for two hours, and everyone was even more cooperative than usual.

One of the girls actually argued with her classmate that she likes the way we work and finds it easier than the work they used to do with the other teacher. The second great thing that happened that morning? The boy that misses more than half the classes and sleeps on his desk when he does come to school, was actually paying attention, reading and working that day. I don’t think I’m going to change the world, I don’t even think I’m going to change his life, but at least something I did managed to interest him enough to break him out of his usual apathetic state, even if it was only to make me look good in front of my own teacher.

When I was a teenager I used to think teenagers were the meanest beings on Earth. It’s amazing how much perspective being on the other side of the classroom can give you. I’m having more and more fun planning classes for them, seeing how creative they are when I give them space.

More flowers from the little paradise around the corner from my house. I’ve been trying to get out and take some more pictures, but I really don’t feel like catching a cold right now, there’s too much I have to do. Can the warm weather please come already?


34 thoughts on “Positively beautiful

  1. very pretty shots! you may very well change students’ lives – it just may not always be obvious. always know that!

    • Thanks, Sheila! Wouldn’t it be cool if at some point in our lives we had the chance to see how we’ve affected the people we’ve crossed paths with? Anyway, my daily interactions with those kids are enough to know I’m at least changing something, no matter how big or small.

  2. That first image is gorgeous, Belen! Like a stone thrown into a pond, we often don’t get to see how the ripples of our lives affect others. Be assured you do have an impact on your students. 🙂

  3. You’ve certainly managed to capture some amazing colour here… Love the contrasting colours in the first shot..

    • Glad you like it! I wasn’t crazy about this plant while I was shooting around (it’s next to a stunning almond tree covered in white buds, so it’s hard to pay much attention to it), but when I downloaded the pictures I was surprised by how pretty it looked.

  4. Isn’t it great to feel something?!? I don’t think I could do a job where everyday was as mundane as the last, and nothing ever surprised or excited me. I live through my work, moment to moment everyday. They’re not all winners (today actually topped the charts of suckdom as far as interactions with coworkers went, but I created about 20 graphics that I am really, very proud of), but there has to be something to a life lived with enthusiasm and vigor…

    • I don’t think I could do a routine job, either. I know there will be days when I’ll want to run back home, but I have a really good feeling I’m going to enjoy my career.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The very first time our new principal came to visit my first grade classroom the students were all sitting on the floor in front of me listening to me read a story to them. When they saw him enter the room they scattered like rats in daylight under desks, tables and behind bookcases leaving me sitting on my chair with my mouth wide open. I learned after almost ten years of teaching to expect the unexpected sometimes even in the form of good behavior. Good luck with the rest of your teaching experiences and graduation. Jeanne

    • Thank you, Jeanne! My teacher at college are always talking about the unexpected, and I’m beginning to see there’s a lot of that happening inside (and outside) the classroom. At least it’s going to be an eventful career path :).

  6. Beautiful photos!! (and flowers :))

  7. hooo,,, these very beautiful flowers,,, awesome pictures…..

  8. Being a good teacher is a great gift and it sounds like you are doing a great job inspiring your students. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to plant a little seed of awareness and years later it may rise to new levels 🙂

  9. This is such a lovely post, Belen. In words and photos. 🙂

  10. I’m returning to teaching after eight years of staying home with my kids. Both are SUCH great jobs! Enjoy every minute in the classroom!

    And gorgeous flowering quince!

  11. Next to parenting, teaching is probably one of the most rewarding but under appreciated job. Sounds like you are a wonderful teacher and have made a positive influence on your students or else they would not care to put on a good image for you in front of your instructor. Great job! 🙂

    • Thanks, Emily! From the fist second I saw my students as people and treated them like that. I know they make an effort going to school and I try to be understanding. I think they noticed I respect them and they respect me back. It’s great to be able to have a good relationship with them, since that’s the basis for a lot of things :).

  12. I used to be a teacher and found it very very rewarding! Love the red flowers.

  13. Great shots, we are ready for fall up here..:-)

  14. Very beautiful floral shots. You’ve a good eye for colors 🙂
    I work with kids too, but part time, and they are elementary school kids. But there is a glorious feeling of accomplishment when they pay attention, or show more respect or signal that they are ingesting what you’re saying. It’s a beautiful thing.


    • Working with humans, especially kids, is strenuous but can also be very rewarding, as I’m finding out. Still, so far working with my teachers has been way harder than working with my students, so I’m actually very happy :).
      Thanks for visiting!

  15. Stunning photos as usual. It sounds as if you are capturing moments with your students educations as well. It is when you least think you are, that you are indeed making an impact. One of your students will come back in years to come and say something about a moment you though meant very little but indeed altered their path for the better. : )

    • Thanks for these words. I’m discovering teaching as I go, and it’s turning out to be a fascinating experience.
      I like the idea of capturing moments with my stundents the way I capture pictures :).

  16. I Love the colors in these photos 😀

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