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Wild hope


Hello, dear readers! This time I was forced to go missing for a few days because I had a final on Monday morning. I aced it! I can’t believe that one was the last of the burdensome finals. I also can’t believe that it’s just one more final and that’s it. I have to write two or three more papers, but those come easier to me. I’ll be a college graduate by February, people! (That is, if I don’t kill a couple of teachers on the way. Though I can appreciate the paradox in the fact that teachers, who are supposed to help you, usually end up standing in your way).

It’s been a long six years since I was a wide-eyed freshman, and it’s such a thrill that this part of my life is finally going to be over, and a new one’s going to begin.

These lovely flowers grow around the corner from my home, in unoccupied land. Such lovely, delicate beauty makes me feel hopeful, for the simple reason that it exists.

When I took these pictures there was a pretty scary lady hovering around me, as if she thought I was going to throw myself onto the plants and destroy them. Some people are seriously paranoid.


26 thoughts on “Wild hope

  1. Lovely Flowers Image… Like This

  2. Hurray for your school years coming to an end. These are lovely shots!

  3. So what is your major? I am BA History, MA Theology, MA Addiction Treatment. Available for Q?’s any time.

    • As of today, I’m majoring in Spanish Literature, but since I don’t have to take the specific classes until next year, I’m still thinking it through. I’m incredibly undeceive. This year I’m getting my teaching degree as a high school Literature teacher, and as you can tell by my post I’m very excited about it :).
      Thanks for the offer, I’ll definitely take you up on it next year when I start working.

  4. These look like dollops of sunshine! So beautiful : ) Congrats on the finals.

  5. Congrats on the result and Huzzah it is almost over!! Beautiful flowers

  6. congrats on almost being done with school!

  7. Lovely daffs, Belen. They are so beautiful and sunny. 🙂

  8. lovely images my fave flowers are dafodils nd deep red roses xxjen

  9. Such gorgeous images, and a wonderful blog…best of luck finishing your degree!

  10. Great shots Belen! Keep up the awesome work. 😀

  11. Just keep shooting 🙂
    Pictures that is..

  12. Wow Daffodils ! 😀
    I love that I’ll be able to watch spring again through your window as the leaves are just starting to fall again through mine. 🙂

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