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Old sunset


Today wasn’t such a lousy day after all. The sun made an appearance this morning, even if everything went gray again in the afternoon. As if clouds weren’t enough, we’re now covered in ash, too. Maybe you’ve heard about the volcano in Chile; we’re close enough that everything’s coated in a thin layer of ash. People in Bariloche (south of where I live) are sweeping ash from their roofs to avoid collapses, it’s that thick. You should have seen the sunset we had the other day, though, it was amazing. Unfortunately I was on the bus when it happened, but at least I got to watch it.

I had to take my cat Robin to the vet today since he needed to have his shots. He surprised us all by being quiet, nice and shy. He usually hisses at the vet and tries to bite his way to freedom, but today he just cuddled in my arms and trembled like a leaf. I’ll take this attitude any day, it makes me feel a lot less guilty.

I have a tummy ache from all the gummies and chocolate I ate yesterday, but no one can take away the fun of watching Pride and Prejudice on the flat screen :).

Boy, I’m really anxious for Friday to come. I was so cool until yesterday and all of a sudden I’m climbing up and down the walls. The only good thing about feeling like this is that on Friday evening I’ll appreciate my peace more than ever!

Everything in these pictures is old, which is good since the topic for this week in my Flickr group is “Old”.

32 thoughts on “Old sunset

  1. These photographs speak to me mostly because of the horizon stretching into the distance. I’ve allways loved the feeling that a distant horizon creates. Ships on the horizon add to the photographs as well. A mysterious sense of journey and longing….

    Lovely contrasting tones of blue and and gold sunsets.


    • I love the same thing about these shots. I was surprised by how distant the horizon seems in the first shot, considering my point-and-shoot doesn’t have the best wide angle. And those ships in a row were a treat. I turned away from the sea for a minute and I found all these wonderful pictures!

  2. Wow, that’s amazing about the ash…. Wonderful shots though, even if they aren’t new…

  3. I also really like the distance you cover in these shots and I think the one with the three liners is my favourite. I suppose the anticipation of Friday will help keep you in the ‘game zone’! I’m sending you all my luck (It’s a very, very small pile and I’m hoping it’s more useful to you than it has been for me). Good Luck!
    Astra Wally

    • Glad you like these, Astra. I like the same things about them. And thanks for the luck you sent my way! I’m sure all that positive energy was floating in the air and helped make our Friday so fantastic!

  4. I cannot imagine having to sweep my roof from ash…frightening thought. Glad the vet trip went well. I always feel guilty when they get their shots, as if I caused their pain. Felt even worse when my kids had to get them. But then I reminded myself that they were to help keep them healthy and strong…a pretty good gift to give I do believe. : ) We love Pride and Prejudice in this home…especially with chocolate! The last photo in line is very cool… looks cool and feels cool. Love it! Friday is almost here…and then it will be over and you can rest and relax. Just breathe your way through it.

    • I can’t imagine what it must have been like for those poor people, breathing ash while they worked to keep their homes safe.
      I tell myself the same thing when I have to take the cat to the vet, that it’s for his wellbeing and it’ll keep him safe and healthy. But I always feel bad because he trusts me and I’m taking him somewhere I know he doesn’t want to be. This time, though, I think maybe he understood, because he didn’t put up such a fight.
      Glad you like the pics!

  5. Old is always new when you haven’t seen it before. I love the purple colors in the last one. I don’t have these wonferful sunsets near water, so I always admire yours. Very welcoming.

    • And then it’s a strange mix of old and new. But it’s good to know that old things will always be new for someone, makes the world look fresher.
      I’m happy to know you enjoy my sunsets; it’s good to bring you some joy by doing something that I love so much :).

  6. I see these pictures in flickr,,, wow… these is amazing pictures… lovely

  7. Love these shots, especially the gold.

  8. What wonderfully peaceful and stunning shots! Hope your week keeps on getting better and better!

  9. Great pictures! I’ve heard sunsets when there are ash clouds are amazing, we had some when the volcano in Iceland erupted a while back but I missed them. I have to take my cats to the vet for their shots soon, not looking forward to it! They only have a couple to get though because they are indoor cats, so it’s not so bad.

    • So we both missed the chance to shoot ashy sunsets 😦 Oh well, life is long and hopefully there will be some harmless volcanic eruptions in the future.
      Good luck with the vet trip! I think in the end it’s more traumatizing for the owners than for the pets :P.

  10. lovely serene the gold tones especially..
    friday is here for me..and hope it comes fast for you too! and is the ash causing any major problems other than the nuisance of the danger to roofs?

    • Glad you like them, Dhaami. Friday did come at last, and with it my peace and some of my sanity :).
      I’ve been so busy that I didn’t have time to watch the news, but from what little I’ve heard I think there weren’t any major problems, at least in Argentina. Just the usual respiratory issues (you should have seen my asthmatic teacher, she was in a pitiful state), and of course having to get rid of all the ash. They tell me the actual eruption lasted less than the cloud of ash that was (maybe still is?) hanging over us.

  11. Beautiful photographs. That’s incredible about the ash. It’s been on the news here, with a possibility of the ash reaching Australian shores. I can understand why you love Pride & Prejudice. 🙂 I am the same.

    • Thanks, Sam! The ash has made it all the way there? Wow, what a pesky thing! My flowers and plants are still covered in the gray stuff, not even last night’s rain helped get rid of it.
      I love all things Austen, she’s the best!

  12. Wonderful shots ! Lovely colours.
    Ash on the roof ,,,,, here it is snow. Our winters have been so mild and dry I have not had to clean the front over-hang or the back veranda roof in a few years. At least I have a snow rake and scoop for the job when it is required. I doubt People in Bariloche are as accustom to cleaning their roofs.

    • It snows a lot in Bariloche during the winter, but snow is nice compared to ash. Snow melts eventually, ash on the other hand sticks to everything and is making their every day life quite miserable. I can’t really complain since here it’s mostly an aesthetic matter (formerly green plants now spot gray and white polka dots), but even here people who suffer from respiratory conditions are being affected.
      I wish there was a way we could prevent this kind of things from happening, but then I think it’s natural, and we’re the ones who are in the volcano’s way. It’s hard to make sense of some things.

  13. Lovely atmosphere

  14. beautiful shots! great blog!

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