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Sailing off into the sunset


If anyone has missed me, I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a couple of days; I’ve been busier than I ever was in my life. I have piles of stuff to read for college, classes to plan that I must teach as part of my residence, I’ve just finished another sweater and finally figured out the pattern for a new one (have I mentioned that I knit compulsively when I’m nervous?). Add to that that my computer has started acting out again (does it ever end??), and that my allergies have been driving me insane for days, and well, you have a pretty accurate picture of what my life is like right now.

On Friday I escaped the madness with my father for a while and went shooting to one of my favorite beaches. I was so lucky we even met a bunch of folks who were brave enough to be sailing (it was really windy and therefore really chilly – I can’t imagine how cold it must have been in the water). Of course they knew my Dad (it’s inescapable, anyone who sails knows my Dad and every teenager in town knows my Mom since she’s a high school teacher), so they got really close to the coast to say hi and of course I took a lot of pictures.

Enjoy, people. I’m off to study some more before bed.


28 thoughts on “Sailing off into the sunset

  1. The second photo with the sail heading directly to the sun “ROCKS MY BOAT”. Lovely.

  2. What an absolutely splendid life. Thank you for your visit and like, am very happy to see your world and all the beauty you capture to share with us.

  3. Hi,

    These photos are lovely – sunsets are a favourite of mine!


  4. I feel your pain about the allergies. I have them too 😦 Hang in there!

    • Thanks, Eden. I need all the support I can get these days; last night it was 2 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep because I was too busy sneezing! Gosh, I wish they would go away!

  5. Sailing is something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do.

    These are wonderful. 🙂

    • I wish I wanted to learn how to sail, too. That would make my Dad really happy, but I’ve never liked anything sports related. I’m a total bookworm!
      Glad you enjoyed the photos, Robin :).

  6. Beautiful photos. How nice of them to come close to say hi. I am missing your posts. Glad life is treating you well!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sam! I’m always grateful when there’s a sailboat around, and I think sailors love to show off their beautiful vessels :).
      I’m missing having more time for photography and the blog. But gosh, it’s only three more weeks until classes are over! Wow. Where does time go???

  7. Great shots, I love the third one with the light showing all the detail in the sail. Hope all the work isn’t getting you down too much, I’ve hardly had a chance to post anything as well so I feel your pain!

    • I like the same thing about it. I’m fascinated with sails lately, I want to take lots of pictures of them!
      I’m actually enjoying all the work, it’s fun to be busy and look back at then end of the week and see how much you’ve accomplished. Then again, my weekends last three days since I don’t have any classes on Friday…

  8. Great shots, I need to get on or under the water..:-))

    • Oh, I miss being on the water. There’s no way my father’s getting out of taking us sailing this summer. It’s still a long way till summer here, so I’ll have time to talk him into it :).
      Glad you like the photos!

  9. Gorgeous sailboat pictures!

  10. Amazing as always. Hope you get to an easier spot in your life soon…just a chance to slow down & relax!

  11. Hopefully life will calm down or least get into a manageable pattern.

    Glad to see you did get a chance to take some pictures. Very nice!

    • I think it’s only going to slow down before it goes into hyperdrive. I can’t really complain, though, I still manage to find a little time for everything I love :).
      Glad you like these!

  12. The reflection on the water is what draws my attention. Very nice photographs. I always enjoy my moments at sea with you.


  13. Great Job…

  14. Lovely photos. The landscapes and sunsets provide one with a focus for meditative thoughts!

    • Thank you! They do, indeed. I always come back home a changed person after shooting a sunset. Something very powerful happens when we are able to witness such beauty.
      Thanks for visiting!

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